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They are: 12+82 = 65 or as 1+64 = 65

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Q: What square numbers add to 65?
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What 3 square numbers add up to 65?


What are 2 square numbers which adds up to 65?


What are two square numbers that add up to 65?

They are 49+16 = 65

Which two square numbers add together to make 65?

the two square numbers that make 65 are 16 (4x4) and 49 (7x7)

What 2 square numbers add up together to make 65?


What 2 square numbers make 65?

They are: 49+16 = 65

Is 10 65 64 or 33 square numbers?


What are the consecutive square numbers that add up to 77?

16,25,36 add to 77. They are the squares of consecutive numbers 4,5,6

What are numbers that add uo to 65 and have a difference of 39?

13 and 52 are.

What numbers add to 15 but multiply to get 50?


What multiplies to -65 but add to 8?


Which two square numbers add up to 225?

The two square numbers that add up to 225 are 144+81 = 225

What 2 numbers multiply to -144 but add to 6?

The numbers are: (3 +square root of 153) and (3 -square root of 153)

How do you dial from India to Singapore?

Add 65 before the number you dial. Remember that if you are calling to residential numbers, add another 6 behind the 65 which becomes 656******* (* = number)

What are three consecutive numbers that add up to 195?

They are 64, 65 and 66.

What two square numbers add up to 13?

The two square numbers which add up to 13 are 9 (which is equal to 3 squared), and 4 (which is equal to 2 squared).

What two numbers add up to -24 and multiply to -27?

The numbers are: (-12+square root of 171) and (-12-square root of 171)

What 2 numbers add up to 90 that is a square number?


Which 3 numbers is a square number and add to a square?

the answer is for example 9+16=25=square number

What two numbers multiply to 1050 but add up to 65?


How do you identify mean?

in mathematical terms, the mean is the average. example, If the numbers are 86 89 65 and 77 the you add all the numbers together and divide by how many numbers there are, so add 86+89+65+77 you get 317 and divide by 4 = 79.25 so the mean is 79.

Why cant you get the square root of the sum of numbers?

You can. Just add the numbers together, and find their square root. One plus three is four; the square root of the sum is two.

What kind of number is formed when you add two consecutive triangular numbers?

Square numbers.

What is simplest radical form of the square root 65?

It is already in simplest form! 65 is a prime number. plus 65= 13x5 and those are both prime numbers.

What numbers multiply and get -294 and add up to 22?

The numbers are: 11+ square root of 415 and 11 - square root of 415