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Q: What state US has 663 miles of beaches in it?
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What state has 663 miles of beaches?

Flordia. Juan ponce deleon came to this state looking for the fountain of youth wich never excisted. It also is the 4th largest population in the Us. space shuttles launch from this state all the time.

How many liters equal 663 US gallons?

663 US gallons is 2,509.7 liters.

Are there a lot of beaches in Miami?

Yes, it is in Florida, which is the US state known for the beauty of its beaches and oceans.

What is the beat state in US?

New Jersey is the best state in the US. They're beaches are clean and they are a good tourist spot.

What is the largest island in the continential US?

The largest island in the continental US is Long Island, located in the state of New York. It stretches approximately 118 miles in length and is known for its affluent suburbs, beaches, and the iconic Hamptons.

What state in US has 29157 square miles?

South Carolina is the state in the US that has an area of 29,157 square miles.

What US state has a square mileage of 756000 miles?

The largest US state is Alaska with a total of 665,384 square miles.

How big is the US state of Alaska?

The state of Alaska spans 656,425 square miles. It is the largest state in the US.

State most square miles?

Alaska is the largest US state with an area of about 663,300 sq miles.

What is the area of Georgia US in square miles?

It is 59,425 square miles and the 24th largest US State.

Which US state is about 1500 square miles in size?

Rhode Island is the smallest US state and is approximately 1214 square miles in size.

What us state is 71000 square miles?

The state that is approximately 71,000 square miles is the state of Washington.