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Find the areas of the rectangles and triangles. Add them together.

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Q: What strategies are there to find the surface area of three-dimensional shapes made from rectangles and triangles?
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What solids have flat surfaces?

Circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles are solids that have a flat surface.

What is the total surface area of a triangular prism that has 2 triangles and 3 rectangles?

Work out each area of the 5 faces individually and then add them together.

How does the net of a triangular prism help you find the surface area of the prism?

A triangular prism has 5 sides. Three are rectangles and two are triangles. If you fold the net out flat you can get the dimensions and find the surface area. Each rectangle is length by width. And the triangles should be congruent and remember are length times height divided by two.

What term is defined as a illusion of threedimensional texture created on a two dimesional surface such as canvas wood or paper?

its not real texture its one of the other two

Why do sandwiches cut into triangles taste better than those cut into squares?

I never noticed a difference. November 26, 2007: (I'm assuming you're referring to two rectangles, not four true squares.) Sandwiches cut into triangles expose more surface area along the cut edges than those cut into squares. For a square sandwich, triangles create 23% more surface area. More surface area means more exposure to the flavor-enhancing effects of oxygen compounds in the air.

Can you find an area of a 3D figure?

Yes, if it is bound by plane figures, just add the area of each plane figure. If it has a curved surface, divide it into many small pieces, to approximate the area with small rectangles or triangles, then add them up.

What is the formula for the surface area of a triangular base pyramid?

Calculate the area of the 2 triangles first, which is base multiplied by height, then divided by 2. Then find the area of the 3 rectangles, which is length multiplied by width. Finally, just add all the areas together, and there you go! You get the surface area! :D <3

What do a triangle a trapezoid and a rectangle have in common?

Triangles, trapezoids, and rectangles have these qualities in common:They are all polygonsThey all have exterior angles that add up to 360 degreesThey will tessellateThey all have a perimeterThey all have a surface areaThey are all constructed from line segments

Some triangles have two obtuse angles and one acute angle?

Spherical triangles as on the earth's surface.

How do you calculate the surface area of a plant?

Look for the surface area of a cylinder as well as the circles and triangles

What has four triangles and one square surface?

A square pyramid has.

What is Compact Surfaces?

A compact surface is a surface which is also a compact set. A compact surface has a triangulation with a finite number of triangles.