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If it looks less than 90o, greater than 90o, less than 180o, greater than 180o, less than 270o, greater than 270o, or less than 360o or greater than 360o.

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Q: What strategies can be used to estimate angle measurements?
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What strategies can be used to estimate an angle?

Look at whether it is acute, obtuse or reflex. Then, look at the acute component of the angle and try to estimate whether it is half a right angle (45 deg), a third (30 deg) or two third (60 deg). If you are good, then you could try estimating "between a third and a half = 35-40 degrees".

How are angle measurements used in real life?

They could help construct buildings is the only one i could think of

How you change the face for taking angle in theodolite?

A theodolite is an instrument that is used in archaeoastronomy. To change the face for taking angle measurements when using a theodolite you must turn the telescope by 180 degrees.

How many degrees in .3 mm?

A degree is a unit used to measure angles, not distance. Millimeters are used to measure lengths or distances. Temperature measurements also use the term degree, which is different from the angle measurement. Neither of these are related to length measurements.

What is a known measurement used to estimate other measurements?

Maybe a standard measurement is the term you are looking for.

Why is it important to estimate the size of an angle before measuring it?

To determine if the angle is < or> than 90 degrees so proper scale can be used

How is Pythagoras work used today?

It is used mainly in architectural designing and most forms of work that use measurements, such as carpenters (right angle triangle is used i many cases as that is what society has become of these days. Modern, neat architecture)

What are 2 advantages of used SI measurements?

SI measurements are used everywhere.It makes study of measurements easier.

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What strategies were used at the Battle of Gettysburg?

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What strategies scoring in arnis?

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Why are Rhetorical Strategies used?

Rhetorical strategies are used in writing to persuade, analyze, compare, describe, and more.

Name two strategies the Allies used in the Pacific?

Two military strategies the Allies used in the Pacific were island-hopping and

How effective were the strategies used by Lobengula to resist European penetration in 1870 to 1893?

what are the strategies used by lobengula to resist the Europeans

What Strategies used to improve profits during the recession period?

what strategies are used are used to improve profit during the recession period?

What strategies is used to brainstorm and narrow a topic?

Freewriting and cubing are two strategies used to brainstorm and narrow a topic.

What are Critical and non critical measurements?

Critical measurements are those measurements that an opinion will be based on. Non-critical measurements are not used for deriving an opinion, and can be provided as approximate.

Are measurements data?

Yes, measurements are data, as they can be used and manipulated, in order to be presented, or used for further research

What type of thermometer is used by a scientist?

Science measurements use the metric system and the Celsius temperature scale is used for most measurements. The Kelvin scale is also used for measurements approaching absolute zero.

What are rhetorical strategies?

Rhetorical strategies are the used to convey a message by way of persuasion. These are devices that are commonly used in rational writing.

Name two military strategies the Allies used in the Pacific?

Two military strategies the Allies used in the Pacific were island-hopping and

What are the common measurements used in land measurements?

feet, miles, yards, etc.

Do The system of units used for measurements in chemistry is called the?

International System of Measurements.

What measurements were used during World War 2?

what measurements did they use in ww2

What angle is greater than angle of reflection?

The angle used to make the angle of reflection.