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Language arts, math, science, social studies.

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What beginning with the letter A is the meaning of the prefix 'circum'

Adding the suffix -able to a root word forms which part of speech

Which of these definitions describes characterization

What is a literary point of view

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Q: What subjects do you have to pass to go to 6th grade?
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What subjects do you have 2 pass to go 5th grade on CRCT?

Its actually 3 Writting,Math, and reading

Can you pass 6 grade if you only pass the state test but all the subject you fail?

no you can't,trust me i been though the same thing im in 7th grade if you pass all your subjects but fail one you go to summer school wich i did but if you fail two subjects you get left back if you pass your state exams or finals it counts as your grade for the third trimester im sorry but no if you fail all subjects but pass exams the chances are getting left back or going to summer school.

Will I go to summer school if I dont pass the crct in the 6th grade?

Yes, you will go to summer school if you dont pass. I'm in fifth and I know you have to pass math and reading. Hope you pass!!

What to do with your 6th grade boyfriend?

Pass notes, watch movies at each others house. Go play at the park. That's about all 6th graders need to be doing.

Should 6th grade students know their multiplication and division to go to 6th grade?


Do you go into 9th grade if you did not pass your 8th grade sol?

yes u do

What grade should jaden smith go in 2012?

6th grade

I really want to pass the fourth grade and if i dont i cant go to Camp Ozark. What should i do?

get tutors for the subjects that you are having problems with. Go to teacher of the class that you are having problems with. Tell her you really want to pass. Ask her to give you the names of two tutors the she recommends

What grade do you have to be in to go to afro ball?

you have to be in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade to go to thw afro ball

Why do people have to go to summer School?

People go to Summer School because they need more help in other subjects. Also they go for to get help if they have a bad grade in any subjects.

What grade is prince Jackson?

he's go to the 6th

Do 6th grade have to go to the dentist?

um everyone has to go to the dentist.

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