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You can use the same symbols that you use to compare integers or decimals: equal, greater than, greater-than-or-equal, etc.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What symbol correctly compares two fractions?
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Related questions

Which symbol correctly compares the two fractions 6 over 9 and 2 over 3?

6/9 and 2/3 are equivalent fractions, therefore the symbol is the equals symbol: = 6/9 = (2×3)/(3×3) = 2/3 × 3/3 = 2/3 × 1 = 2/3 → 6/9 = 2/3

What is a math sentence that compares two expressions using an inequality symbol?

an inequation

How the LCD of two or more fractions could be of use?

Once you find the LCD, convert the fractions to their equivalents and then you can add and/or subtract them correctly.

What does a dot between two fractions mean?

a dot between 2 fractions is multiplication also the dot is another symbol to multiply

Can you cross multiply when there is an addition or subtraction symbol between the two fractions?

yeah~!! fractions are 2 between the symbol of subtraction or addition to multiply the single denominator not the married denominator or either the in a relationship numerator... ehehhehehe hope it helped ~ BOLD

A blank compares two numbers?

a what compares two numbers by division?

What is a rate that compares two equivalent measurements?

A rate that compares two equivalent measurements is a conversion rate.

What statement correctly compares the transfer of genetic material during mitosis and meiosis?

The statement that compares mitosis and meiosis is that meiosis II is very close to mitosis. During mitosis, cells split into two identical cells, while in meiosis, the cells split into four cells.

What are the two fractions?

There is no such thing as THE two fractions. There are infinitely many fractions.

What fraction is bigger seven eighths or nine tenths?

To compare two fractions, convert them to a common denominator.To compare two fractions, convert them to a common denominator.To compare two fractions, convert them to a common denominator.To compare two fractions, convert them to a common denominator.

What of the symbols correctly relates the two numbers below 65 56?

The symbol is ≠. If that does not show correctly in the browser, it is the equality sign with with a forward slash through it. In word, you can type 2260 followed by Alt X.


The LCD of two fractions is the same as the LCM of their denominators.

What two fractions are equivalent fraction for 5-15?


What is a simile that compares two things by using or as?


What is the same about two fractions that are like fractions?

Fractions that are equivalent have the same values when simplified.

Can the quotient of two fractions be ever equal to one?

Yes, but only if the two fractions are the same or equivalent fractions (other than 0).

What is used to describe a graph that compares two sets of data?

The line and the bar graph is used to describe a graph that compares two sets of data.

What you called when you subtract two fractions?

subtracting fractions

How to do two step equations with fractions?

By eliminating the fractions

What accurately shows the correct terms for the two sides of a chemical equation correctly placed to the left of to the right where they belong and also shows the correct symbol?


What is the difference between simile metaphor and analogy?

simile compares two things with like or as metaphor compares two things without using like or as analogy compares things by putting them together

Before adding or subtracting two fractions they are converted into like fractions Explain with examples why this is necessary?

Before adding or subtracting two fractions they are converted into like fractions. Explain with examples why this is necessary.

What is a statement that compares two expressions that are not equal?

an inequality

What is the difference between two equal fractions?

the difference between two equal fractions is zero.

What are two equivalent fractions for 12 over 48?

120/480 and 1200000/4800000 are two equivalent fractions.