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A saturated solution.

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Q: What term describes a solution in which the dissolved solute in equilibrium with the undissolved solute?
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A solution in which the dissolved solute is in equilibrium with undissolved solute?

saturated solution

Solution equilibrium exists in which type of solution dilute or saturated or supersaturated?

Equilibrium is only found in a saturated solution, where the dissolved species and the undissolved species are in equilibrium with each other. In a dilute solution there is nothing that is undissolved, and so there is no equilibrium, and by definition a supersaturated solution is out of equilibrium and essentially has too much stuff dissolved in it (it will eventually return to equilibrium and some of the dissolved material will precipitate out).

A solution exhibiting equilibrium between the dissolved and undissolved solute must be?


What is a solution that can't dissolve a solution anymore?

A saturated solution has a solute that is at its maximum concentration. At this point, no more solute can be dissolved at the current temperature. The dissolved and undissolved solutes are at equilibrium in the saturated solution.

Can you dissolve more sugar in a saturated solution?

no, we cannot dissolve more sugar in saturated solution and if we add more sugar so there is a dynamic equilibrium between the dissolved and undissolved sugar

How do you know when a salt solution is saturated?

A salt water solution is considered saturated when no more salt can be dissolved in the water and there is no undissolved salt in the solution; so it is at the highest capacity of salt that can be dissolved in the amount of water present.

A solution reaches equilibrium when?

the amount of solute that has dissolved is equal to the amount of solute that has not dissolved yet

When some of the sugar added to iced tea remains undissolved at the bottom of the glass the solution is?

Assuming that all of the sugar that could be dissolved, is dissolved at that temperature and pressure, it would be a super saturated solution.

What is it called when undissolved particles are so?

When some of the material being dissolved remains it's called a saturated solution

What describes the dissolved substance in a solution?


Why is there one phase in every solution?

There is at least one phase in every solution because the solute has been completely dissolved into solution. If there is still remaining solute, then the solution has two phases, one in which the solute is completely dissolved and the other phase having undissolved solute.

What describes a substance that cannot be dissolved in a solution?


Which term describes a substance that can be dissolved in solution?


Why will filtering not separate a solute from a solution?

A solute is dissolved in the solution, so if for example you are talking about sugar and water, the white sugar is invisible and the water is clear. So when you filter the water/sugar solution everything filters through the filter paper. If the solution is saturated, this means that the water has dissolved as much as possible so there will be some sugar remaining in the solution. If this is to be filtered then the undissolved sugar will remain in the filter paper, separating the sugar/water solution from the undissolved sugar.

Which term describes a substance that cannot be dissolved in a solution?


Which term describes a substance that cannot be dissolved a solution?


Is lettuce and tomatoes a mixture or a solution?

A solution describes when a species is dissolved in water. You have a mixture.

Which term describes aq substance that cannot be dissolved in a solution?


Can a solution with undissolved solute be supersaturated?


What is a suspension solution in chemistry?

solution are of three types.true,colloidal and suspension.suspension solution is the solution which does not allow light to pass through.does not scatter light. 'in this solution the particles are not completely dissolved and they can be seen through our naked eye'.they have undissolved small particles.example:chalk powder in water

What term describes a solution in which the solute concentration exceeds its equilibrium concentration under the prevailing conditions?

a supersaturated solution

Which term best describes a substance that cannot be dissolved in a solution?

I believe the term is insoluble.

What mixture contains small undissolved particles?

A solution

What is the word for describing how sucsessful a mixture of a solution is?

If a solution is saturated, all of the substance is dissolved in the liquid. If a solution is unsaturated, there is still some solute (the solid) that has not been dissolved. Finally, if a solution is supersaturated, the solution has more solute dissolved than usual (usually results from a temperature increase), the word homogeneous best describes the true solution.

How do isotonic solution and equilibrium differ?

isotonic solution, equilibrium