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Q: What terms are other names for the y coordinate?
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Which of these terms are other names for the y-coordinate?

Ordinate and Range

The other term for Y coordinate is?


What are some math words that start with y?

Math terms that start with Y are y-axis, y-coordinate, or y-intercept.Also the distance measurement "yard."

What is a y coordinate?

A y coordinate is when you have a long line (y axis) and you coordinate (put numbers on that line) and you graph them

What does it mean to be off the x axis?

It means that the y-coordinate (or any coordinate other than the x-coordinate) is non-zero.

What is the y-coordinate in the ordered pair (4 -1)?

The y coordinate is -1 and the x coordinate is 4

what is y-coordinate in rectangular coordinate system?

A point's y coordinate is its vertical position, or how high or low it is.

What do all the points on the y axis have in common?

If the y axis is part of the Cartesian coordinate system, then the other coordinate is zero.Their x-axis value is 0.

What is an Origin in Math Terms?

On a coordinate graph, the origin is the point where the X axis and the Y axis intersect. That is the point where X=0 and Y=0.

Is y coordinate always a negative number?

No, the y-coordinate can be positive or negative.

The first number in an ordered pair is always called the y-coordinate and the second number is always called the x-coordinate?

Other way around (X,Y)

What does ordered pairs mean in math terms?

they mean coordinate planes.. those are the 2 numbers in the parenthesis when u have a coordinate plane on a graph table. an ordered pair is (1,4) the number on the x and y axis (x,y)