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Three fifths is the lowest equal fraction for twelve twentieths.

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Q: What the lowest term for twelve twentieths?
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What is the lowest term of seven over twelve?

It is already in its lowest terms.

Is three fifths equal to twelve twentieths?


Is five eighths bigger than twelve twentieths?


What equivalent fraction is equal to twelve twentieths?


What is th reduced fraction of twelve twentieths?


What is eighteen twentieths in its lowest reduced form?

nine tenths

What is the real answer to three fifths plus three fourths?

First we need to convert them into like terms. Three fifths is twelve twentieths. Three fourths is fifteen twentieths. Together that is twenty-seven twentieths. That is one and seven twentieths or 1.35 in decimal.

How is twelve twentieths simplified?

It is: 12/20 = 3/5 simplified

What is twelve twentieths as decimal number?


What is twelve twentieths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 12/20 is equal to 0.6.

What is three twentieth twentieths in lowest terms?

3/20 is in its simplest form.

What is twelve twentienths in its lowest term?

Divide the numerator and the divisor by 4 to get the answer of 3/5.

What fractions are equivalent to four fifths?

Eight tenths, twelve fifteenths, and sixteen twentieths are some.

What is 15 percent in lowest term?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 15%, or 15/100, is equal to 3/20, or three twentieths.

What is another equivalent fraction for six tenths?

Twelve twentieths, three fifths, or sixty one hundredths.

What is the fraction twelve twentieths in its simplest form?

3/5: Divide both numerator and denominator by 4.

What is nine twentieths minus one fourth?

One fourth is five twentieths. Nine twentieths minus five twentieths is four twentieths. Four twentieths is one fifth.

Which fractions are equivalent to 3 over 5?

Six tenths (6/10) and twelve twentieths (12/20).

What is the lowest factor of twelve?


What is the lowest term of 12.075?

Lowest term of 12.075

What is twelve twentieths in its simplest form?

12/20 in simplest form is 3/5.

How do you write twelve twentieths as a percent?

twelve twentieths as a percent = 60%12/20:= 12 ÷ 20= 0.6 in decimal= 0.6 * 100%= 60%

Who is lowest terms?

Nobody is lowest term. "Lowest term" is a mathematical expression, not a person!

What is the lowest number with twelve factors?


What is the lowest term of 6 36?

what is the lowest term of 6and 36

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