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Octane is the word you are looking to find a meaning for.

Try checking an online dictionary like dictionary dot com

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Q: What the meaning of the octain number?
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What is the best diesel oil for Kia Sorento?

is diesel for kia sorento octain 90 or octain 95

What octane is premium?

Usually 89 Octain.

What grade of gas is the cheaper of the rest?

The cheapest grade has the least amount of octain, with the lowest amount of octain found in the fuel at 87. This is a standard that the oil companies produce.

What gas do you use for a 4 stroke dirt bike?

92 octain

What happens if I use regular unleaded gas in a car that requires super unleaded gas?

I have a land rover freelander and I filled my tank with regular 85 octain, manufactor says only to use 87 octain and above. I called the dealer ship to explore my options as far as solve to my mistake and was told there was not a problem with using 85 octain, I hope this is of some help...

What is the best octain to use in a 2007 Ultra Classic?

91 octane or higher

Volvo2001 s-80 what octain gas is needed?

This vehicle requires Premium fuel of 91 octane.

Yamaha TTR90 2005 mixed gas?

No, Just 91 octain or better it is a 4 stroke motor.

What fuel is needed for a Dodge Viper?

Vipers run on Preimum Grade Fuel with the highest octain courtesy of

What can mix to gasoline to make octain high and give more power to engine?

You can add ethanol to gasoline to make the octane higher.

What is the meaning of a even number?

An even number really has no meaning

Is premium grade gasoline really better for your car than regular?

This Is All Hype. Both Regular and so Called Premium Gasoline Is All But The Same. Difference They Charge You More. Use What You Want. But No Premium Isn`t Any Better For Your Car. YES it is they go by the octain 87-88-89, the more octain the more potent the gas