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Q: What the unit value is termed under the RBRVS?
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Under the RBRVS, the unit value is termed (Blank) Value Unit.?


Unit of cobb value?

No unit

How do you convert kW to p.u value?

p.u value=actual value in any unit/base value in same unit

Force per unit area is termed?

Pressure is the force measured over an area

Why were coins invented?

1.To limit trade within a region under some authority/sovereignty. 2.For easier store/transport of value for goods/services etc 3.To replace the barter system by a unit value as medium of exchange,as measure of unit value,as the standard for deferred payment,as a store value,as liquidity without loss in value.

What is the full form of nav?

NAV stands for Net Asset Value. It is the net value of all the assets that are owned under a particular mutual fund scheme on a per unit basis. For example if a mutual fund has 1 lakh in funds value with 10,000 units, the NAV will be Rs. 10 per unit. This way, if we multiple 10 * 10000 we will get 1 lakh which is the net value of all assets under the MF scheme.

What is the place value of a decimeter?

The place value of a decimetre is a unit. The place value of one of any measurement unit is one - by definition!

What is the unit of measurement of COBB value of Paper?

cobb value/30 minute unit is -- GM/ Sq.Meter.

How much the value of condo unit after 5 years?

Your answer depends on the local market. You can pay an appraiser to value your unit.

What is the place value of 5 in 345.270?

unit place value

What is the value of the unit digit 20.09?

It has no value and it is placed there for positional place value purposes.

What is the unit value of mass?