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You can use the recording thermometer or the Mercury thermometer, either one of those will work.

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Q: What thermometer would be used to collect data over a twenty four hour period of time?
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What oes thermometer mesure?

you would measure heat with a thermometer

Which thermometer would you use to measure the temperature of the body temperature of a patient?

A digital thermometer would be most suitable for measuring the body temperature of a patient. It provides an accurate reading quickly and is safe and easy to use.

If you want to get the temperature of the water what instrument will you use?

I would use a thermometer.

What is the name of an instrument which measures heat and cold?

That would be a thermometer.

What type of the thermometer would use to measure the temperature of ice?

dial thermometer

You have an antique fever thermometer made in Chicago by Burke and James Is there a value to it?

There mght be. Medical doctors often collect antique item connected with their profession. They would be probably the only buyers for this sort of thing.

How did the thermometer make life better?

yes, indeed thermometer makes life better. if there was no thermometer people would not know about the temperature varying in their body and if they had fever they would not be able to know and cure it. hen of course it would lead to deaths.therefore without thermometer there would have been thousands of deaths. there are different types of thermometer not only for body temperature but also for the surroundings.

Can you get pregnant 20 days after the first day of your last period?

You would have less than a 3% chance by day twenty.

Would the temperature change on a thermometer if you hold it by the thermometer bulb?

Yes as your fingers are warmer than the air surrounding the thermometer bulb.

Why is it inappropriate to stir a liquid with a thermometer?

Because that will mess with the temperature reading on the thermometer. And it would be dangerous if the thermometer is broken as there are dangerous chemicals (i.e.mercury) inside.

How would a temperature reading would be different if the thermometer were over unshaded asphalt?

how would a temperature reading be different if the thermometer were over unshaded asphalt

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