What things are a kilometer?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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1000 metres = 1 kilometre

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Q: What things are a kilometer?
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What is about the size of a kilometer?

Answer: 1 km =0.621371 miles3,280.839 feet things that are the size of a kilometer

What are some things that can be measure in kilometer?


What things can you measure in square kilometer?


How many liters are in 1 kilometer?

Liters and kilometers are units of different measurements. Liters measure volume, while kilometers measure distance. They cannot be directly converted into each other.

Give 5 examples of things measured in kilometer?


How many liters are in .001 of a kilometer?

This is impossible to answer.A liter is a measure of volume;A kilometer is a measure of length.Length and volume measure different things.

How big is Uganda in kilometer?

236,040 km². You can search these things on Google anytime for free ;)

Is one pound bigger than 1 kilometer?

Pounds and kilometers are measures of different things. A pound is a unit of measurement for mass or force, while a kilometer is a unit of measurement for length.

How many kilometer in 1 gallon?

NOE!!!! You misunderstand. A 'Kilometre' is a measure of length. A 'Gallon' is a measure of liquid volume.

True or false A kilometer weighs 2 metric tonnes?

there are many things wrong with this question. first, its Tons, not tonnes. second, a kilometer and tons are not even the same measurment! What are you, in second grade!!!!???!!!

How do you measure a square kilometer?

A square kilometer is a square that measures 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer

How many are in a kilometer?

There are 39,370,079,000 microinches in a kilometer.