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Basketballs, Baseballs, Golf balls, some bouncy balls, a Globe, and things that carry that same shape. :)

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Q: What things are a shape of a sphere?
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Why is everything in space a sphere shape?

A sphere contains the most volume to surface area ratio there is and most things sought that shape when molten.

What are 4 things shaped like a sphere?

4 things that are shape like a sphere is a ball,bubbles,soccer ball, penny

What solid shape has no face?

Since a sphere is round it is a shape without a face.

Is a sphere the shape of the moon?

yes the moon is in the shape of a sphere

What is the shape of a ball?

sphere sphere

What shape is the sun?

what is the shape of the sun? the shape of the sun is a 3d shape and it is a sphere.

What geometric shape is a volleyball?


Is an egg a sphere?

No an egg is not a sphere. It is an ovoid. This shape is named after the shape of an egg.

What shape is geometric shape?

A sphere.

Is sphere 3D shape?

A sphere is a 3D shape. Here are some sphere facts: * A sphere has one face which wraps around the whole of it's shape. * A sphere is the 3D equivalent of a circle. * A sphere has no vertices or edges. CK x

What shape is a 3d sphere?

Every sphere is 3D. It's said to be "spherical" in shape.

What is the shape of a human eyeball?

A sphere, actually a sphere is wrong, its more of a teardrop shape....

What is a sphere shape look like?

A perfect sphere is a perfect round ball shape.

What shape has no sides and no corners?


Is Earth a sphere or an ellipse?

The shape of the Earth is a sphere.

What is the shape of Venus?

The shape of Venus is a sphere.

What shape is a globe?

The shape of a globe is a SPHERE.

Is a sphere a plane shape or a solid shape?

plane shape

What is Jupiters shape?

A Sphere

The shape of Uranus?

a sphere

What shape is a baseball?

A sphere.

The shape of an apple is?


What is the shape of an orange?


What shape is the ball?

A Sphere.

What is the shape of Eris?

a sphere