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2 x 25 cents + 1 x 10 cents

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Q: What three coins make 60 cents?
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Related questions

How do you make 60 cents with 5 coins?

The total 60 cents can be made with 1 quarter, 3 dimes, and 1 nickel (25+30+5).

What is three fifths of one dollar?

60 cents

What 4 coins equal 60 cents?

There is no US coin with a value equal to 60 cents.

How to make 1.00 using 60 coins?

It is impossible to answer the question without knowing the values of the coins. For example, the UK has 20 pence but not 25p whereas the US has 25 cents but not 20c.

Chris bought a card for 60 cents he gave the clerk 6 coins which coins did he give the clerk?

How about 6 dimes?

How do you make 60 cents with 3 coins in two ways?

With US coins, a half-dollar and two nickels, or two quarters and a dime. If you have 20-cent coins, 3 of those, or the 50 cent and two 5 cent coins.

How can you have 5 coins that add up to 55 cents?


What 3 coins add up to 65 cents?


What is three fifths of a dollar?

60 cents

If lemons are three for a dime how much will you pay for a dozen and a half?

Sorry, 3 for a dime is 0.10/3 = 10/300 = .033 cents each; A dozen and a half is 18; 18 x .033 = 60 cents

How do you make 60 cents with 3 coins in two ways without using a half dollar?

one way to make 60 ce nts is to have 2 pieces -$0.25 a nd 1 piece $0.10

How many dollars to equal 60 fity cents?

30 dollars. 60 fifty cent coins equals 30 dollars

What is the value of a set of three one from each mint 1943 steel pennies in mint condition?

As of 12/2008 a set of P-D-S steel cents in MS-60 condition retails for about $6. However make sure the coins are not "reprocessed" by replating with zinc to make them appear to be new. If they're replated they're only worth a few cents each.

If you have two American coins and they amount to 30 cents and no coin was a nickel what coins were they to add up to 30 cents?


How many copies can you make for 2.00 at the rate of three copies for ten cents?

This is a simple math problem. You only need to figure out how many ten-cents are in two dollars. Since there are 10 ten-cents in one dollar, that makes 20 of them in two dollars (10 times 2). So if you get 3 copies for every ten-cents and there are 20 ten-cents in 2 dollars, you just multiply 3 times 20 to get 60 copies.

What is 60 cents of a dollar in fraction?

60 cents/1 dollar = 60 cents/100 cents = 60/100 = 3/5

How can you make a dollar with 30 coins?

One way would be to use 6 dimes, 4 nickels, and 20 pennies. This would be 60 cents plus 20 cents plus 20 cents = $1.00. Another way would be to use 2 dimes, 13 nickels, and 15 pennies. This would be 20 cents plus 65 cents plus 15 cents = $1.00.

How do you make 60 cents with 3 coins?

2 quarters and a dime, or a half-dollar and 2 nickels.

What mathematical error can be found in the first paragraph of O Henry's 'Gift of the Magi'?

The combination of coins Della has is logically impossible. The story states that Della has $1.87 and that 60 cents of it was in pennies. Subtracting 60 cents from $1.87 leaves $1.27. Since only other coins are nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars and since there are only 60 pennies, the remaining $1.27 must be made up of the other coins. There is no combination of nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars that equals $1.27.

How do you write 60 cents?

60 cents is 0.60

How much money is three fourth of sixteen nickels?

60 cents and 1 4th

A machine makes 10 000 coins a minute. How many coins does the machine make in one hour?

10,000 x 60 (60 mins in an hour) = 600,000

How many cents is 60 percent of 1.00?

60 cents

If 4 coins are worth more than 50 cents and less than 60 cents what could they be?

Either 2 quarters 2 pennies or 2 quarters, a penny and a nickel.

How much money is three fifths plus five tenths?

It depends on what unit of currency the fractions refer to. 3/5 of a dollar is 60 cents. 5/10 of a dollar is 50 cents. 60 + 50 = $1.10