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24/50, 36/75, 48/100

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Q: What three fractions are equivalent to twelve twenty fifths?
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What is twelve twenty-fifths as a percentage?

Not sure what twelth-twenty fifths means but twelve twenty-fifths is 48%.

What fractions are equivalent to four twenty fifths?

40/250, 400000/2500000

What are equivalent fractions of twenty-one thirty fifths?

3/5 is the simplified equivalent fraction.

What fractions are equivalent to ten twenty fifths?

10/25 = 100/250

What are three equivalent fractions for three sevenths?

six fourteenths nine twenty oneths twelve twenty eighths

What is the decimal for twelve twenty-fifths?

12/25 = 0.48

What is twelve twenty fifths as a decimal?


How do you write twelve twenty-fifths as a decimal?

twelve twenty-fifths as a decimal = 0.4812/25:= 12 ÷ 25= 0.48 in decimal

Are two-thirds and sixteen twenty-fifths equivalent fractions?

No - an equivalent fraction to 2/3 would be 16/24.

What is the percent of twelve twenty-fifths?

12/25 = 0.48 * 100 = 48%

Is twenty twenty fifths equivalent to four fifths?

yes....... use a calculator next time, please.

What are nineteen fifths in fractions?

19 divided by 5 = 3.8 Twenty fifths would be a whole number 4.

What is the equivalent decimal to seven twenty-fifths?

7/25 = 0.28

What is nine twenty fifths as an equivalent fraction?

It is any of of the infinite set of fractions of the form (9*n)/(25*n) where n is a non-zero integer.

How do you write twelve twenty fifths in decimal form using division?

Twelve twenty fifths is a fraction, twelve over twenty-five. Since a fraction represents a division problem, your denominator 25 would be you divisor and you numerator 12 would be you dividend. 12 divided by 25 = 0.48 (your answer as a decimal)

What fraction is equivalent to two twenty-fifths?

2/250, 200/2500

Is eight twenty fifths equivalent to two fifths?

No it's not. 2/5 = 10/25

What is twelve twenty fifths as a percent?

48% % rate = 12/25 * 100% = 48%

Is four twenty-fifths equivalent to one fifth?


What is equivalent to twenty thirty fifths?

20/35? That's equivalent to 4/7.

What is twenty over twenty-fifths as an equivalent fraction?

20/25 = 4/5

What three equivalent fractions are equal to one over six?

Two over twelve, three over eighteen, and four over twenty-four are all equivalent to one over six.

What are the two equivalent fraction for twelve and twenty fourths?

Well the two equivalent fraction for twelve and twenty fourths is 6 and 18 eighths and 42 and 68 fourths.

What is , twenty-fifths as a decimal?


How do you turn twelve twenty-fifths into a decimal?

Multiply by 4: 48/100 ie 0.48