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twentyfour 24 and i dont know

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Q: What three names can there be written for number 24?
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What is 38.24 written as a mixed number?

38.24 written as a mixed number = 386/25

How do you write 24 less than three times a number in algebraic expression?

Let x = your number;( 3 x ) - 24The 3x portion represents three times a number, then you subtract (24 less) the 24.

How do you spell the number 24?

Expressed in words, the number 24 is written twenty-four.

What number is three fourths of 24?

3/4 of 24 is 18.

What is the largest prime of 24?

Three is the largest prime number for 24.

Which number is divisible by three and by eight?


What is 24 over 8 in a whole number?

The whole number is three.

How do you write names for the number 24?


What numeral is written three times to get a sum of 24?


What is 24 over 25 written in a decimal number?

24 over 25 = 0.96

Write the first three common multiples of each pair of number 6 24?

The smallest three common mulltiples of 6 and 24 are 24, 48, and 72.

Three times a number plus 3 is 24 Find The Number?


What number is 8 times less then 24?


What could the smallest number of three numbers that have the greatest common factor of 24?

24. eg 24, 48, 72 or 24, 264, 2904

What number is three over four of thirty six?


What is three times a number is 24?

3 x 8

The sum of three consecutive number is 72 what are the three numbers?

23+24+25 = 72

What are the three ways to write 24 divided by 8?

write it in simple form fraction form written word form

What is the number 15 18 24?

15 18 24 are three numbers. There is no single number to identify.

What is the biggest three-digit number that can be exactly divided by 40?

40*24 = 960 and 960/40 = 24

What number goes into 15 18 24 evenly?

One and three.

What number is three fourth of the way between 24 and 36?


What are other ways you can use three number that are the same and that will make up of 24?

They are: 8+8+8 = 24 or as 3 times 8 = 24

What three number have a GCF of 12?

12, 24 and 36, among others.

In maths what is a mode number?

a mode is the number that occurs the most. EXAMPLE: 23,24,67,88,90,89,24,25,24 You see that there is three numbers of 24. then 24 is your answer.

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How do you write names for the number 24?

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