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That probably varies, depending on the specific lottery.

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Q: What time are lottery numbers called?
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What are the numbers for the lottory in majoras mask?

The winning lottery numbers vary by file. To win the lottery, buy a lottery ticket, remember the lottery numbers, go back in time, and input those numbers at the lottery shop in West Clock Town between 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. The winning lottery numbers are the same for each cycle.

What time of day are most winning lottery numbers sold?


What is the jackpot lottery numbers?

It depends on what lottery it is \

Why does your boyfriend keep seeing the numbers 511 everywhere?

Time to play the lottery.

Will the winning lottery numbers be on the news?

The winning lottery numbers will be on the news. Typically, depending on the specified date of which they will be drawn, they are drawn at 9:00pm Central Time on News Channel 2.

What are the lottery numbers for next week?

Sorry, but we can't tell you what the lottery numbers for next week are going to be. We are not a lottery psychic hot-line. You'll just have to do it like everyone else. Pick some numbers and hope for the best.== == == ==First of all, nobody knows what lottery numbers will be drawn in the future. The winning numbers are not pre-selected. They are picked at random at the time of the drawing.Second, you did not mention which lottery you are talking about. Each of the 50 U.S. states has their own, separate lottery drawings, and countries, states and cities outside the U.S. also have their own, separate lottery drawings. Furthermore, there are dozens and dozens of lottery games you can play: Numbers, Pick 4, Win 5, the state lottery, Powerball, etc.

How do you cheat at the lottery?

what are next weeks lottery numbers

What time do they draw the winning Tennessee lottery numbers may 2013?

The Tennessee Lottery Numbers were last drawn on May 18, 2013. The numbers are usually drawn at 9:00pm Central Time on Channel 2, or depending on one's cable/dish provider.

If you use the same numbers for the lottery how long will take to win the lottery?

never, the numbers keep changing.

How to use the subconscious mind to win the lottery jackpot?

You do that every time you choose your lottery numbers so it's safe to assume that the subconscious mind cannot predict the outcome of a random lottery draw.

What is the old version of the lottery called?

the old version of the lottery is called lottery and the new version is called lotto

What was the old version of the lottery called?

the old version of the lottery is called lottery and the new version is called lotto