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It means its 5:30

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Q: What time is it if it is half past 5 o'clock?
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27 minutes before 7 oclock is 33 minutes past 5 oclock?

NO. It is 33 minutes past SIX o'clock.

What time is half past quarter to5?

It can't be half past and a quarter to 5 at the same time. I assume the answer is 5.30 for half past 5, and 4.45 for quarter to 5.

What time is half past 5?

5:30. When referring to time, "half past" means 30 minutes into the hour. For example, half past 3 is 3:30.

What time should 5 yearolds go to bed?

8:00 oclock

In telling time what does half five mean?

It means half of an hour or 30 minutes past 5 o clock

What is a half of 5 o'clock?

half of is 4:30 half past is 5:30

What is half past 5?


27 minbefore 7 oclock is 33 minpast 5 oclock true or false?


How long does a wrestling event last?

it depends on the brand raw goes on for two hours ecw goes on for one hour and smack down goes on for three hours all three brands go off at ten oclock central time raw starts at eight oclock central time ecw starts at nine oclock centeral time and smackdown starts at seven oclock central time

5 oclock in New Jersey what time is it in Texas?

5am in New Jersey (Newark) is 4am in Texas (Houston).

How long is it from half past 1 to 5 minutes past 6?


Need wiring diagram Ford L8000 to 7 point trailer?

working from memory at work. when you purchase the plug or socket they usualy have a diagram. looking at the socket on the truck....9 oclock left signal. 3 oclock right signal. 11 oclock tail lights. 7 oclock ground. 5 oclock electric brakes. center live power from battery ( campers) I dont use the 1 oclock plug at this time. hope this is helpfull. I used the package to do the first ones. we have 8 trucks wired this way to match the 3 floats we use.