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Six forty five

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โˆ™ 2009-12-23 22:46:19
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Q: What time is it in twelve hours from six forty five?
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What is twelve forty-five pm military time?

12:45 PM = 1245 hours.

How do you say time one hour and forty five minutes?

One forty five A. M. One forty five P. M. zero one forty five thirteen forty five

How many hours from Guam to Palau?

usually about an hour and forty five minute flight time.

What will the time be when it's three and a half hours past nine- forty five?


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A 4.88 forty yard dash is a very good time for a 200 pound 5 foot 5 inch 12 year old. Any time under five seconds is excellent for that age.

How far is it from Orlando Florida to Key Largo?

About 295 miles or four hours and forty five min. driving time

How much time does the average person spend on facebook?

five hours and forty-six minutes a month... 11 minutes a day

How would you write the time 445 two ways using words?

Four forty-five A quarter to five Forty-five minutes past four

Do you spell out time?

yes in my world it is seven forty-five

What are the 5 time zones?

There are forty times zones not five.

What is Michigan football all time record vs Iowa?

forty to twelve two ties

How far is Kilcoy from Hervey Bay?

The road distance from Kilcoy to Hervey Bay is 253km. Travel time is around three hours and forty five minutes.

What time is forty five minutes after twenty five past eleven?

10 past 12

What time is 0040 pm?

Twelve forty at night it's just because it's a digital tome

What time is it fifty minutes after seven forty five?


What is a good time for a 40 yard dash for a child?

The forty time for a child of course would depend on the age, gender etc.... My child is twelve yrs old and ran his forty in 5.2 seconds which is exceptional If your child is a girl and around twelve I would think 6.0 to 6.5 would be and excellent time.

Why does the clock use twelve hours?

Since there are two periods of time, a.m. and p.m. , 24 hours (the time in a day) needs to be split in two. 24 split in two is obviously 12.That is why there is twelve hours on a clock.

What is cessation-of menstruation?

That is called as menopause. You can stop menstruating, some time after the age of forty five years. Most women get the menopause between forty five to fifty five years of age.

What is the flight time from Brisbane to California?

About twelve and a half hours. In the other direction it is about fourteen hours.

Is London time ahead or behind five hours of New York?

New York time is five hours behind London time.

How many hours does it take to get from New Mexico to Phoenix Arizona?

Depends where you're leaving from. Anywhere from four hours and twenty minutes (leaving from Virden NM) to twelve hours and forty minutes if you're leaving from Clayton NM. Try using Google Maps to get an approximate time from your location.

What is the time difference between New Zealand and US?

Twelve hours

What does 1315 hours equal in twelve hour time?


How long is the flight time from Phoenix to Houston?

About two hours and forty minutes.

What is the time difference from Argentina to California?

If converting from California time to Argentina time, you add five hours. If going from Argentina time to California time, you subtract five hours.