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1:15 (one-fifteen) is quarter past one since it is one-quarter of an hour after one o'clock.

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Q: What time is quarter past 1?
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What time will it be if it is quarter past 1 and an hour passes?

A quarter past two!

What time is half past quarter to5?

It can't be half past and a quarter to 5 at the same time. I assume the answer is 5.30 for half past 5, and 4.45 for quarter to 5.

What is quarter past ten?

a time

What is the fraction for one hour?

Hourly fractions are minutes (1/60th), and seconds (1/3600th). Also, common time references are quarters (quarter of, quarter to, or quarter past the hour) and halves (half past the hour).

What is a quarter past 1?


What is quarter past?

If the time is quarter past, it means that is 15 minutes after. Quarter after 9:00 would be 9:15.

What is 7.15 in time?

quarter past seven 60 minutes = 1 hour 60 x 1/4 = 15 minutes = quarter hour

How do you read time from the sun?

You stand straight and your shadow will show you the time, by pointing at o'clock, quarter past, half past or quarter to.

What is a quarter two in time?

45 past

What time is quarter past 3?


What time is es la una cuarto?

It's 1:15 (a quarter past one).

What does et quart mean in french?

and a quarter ( when telling the time - a quarter past)

How do you estimate time to the nearest half hour?

From a quarter to the hour to a quarter past the hour, it is the hour, whilefrom a quarter past the hour to a quarter to the hour, it is the half hour.

What time is a quarter past 12?


What time is a quarter past ten?


How do you tell time on fractions?

Example: its a quarter past 12:00 You know that its 1:00 now

What is quarter to and quarter past mean?

Time on a clock quarter = quarter of an hour = 60/4 = 15 minutes example, quarter to three = 2:45 quarter past three = 3:45 Also half past two in some countries is referred as half to three.

Is 945 half past nine quarter to ten quarter past ten or a quarter past nine?

Quarter to 10.

What time is it quarter past nine fifteen?

Nine thirty.

What is the time for a quarter past noon?

12:15 PM

What is quarter past four in digital time?


What is meaning of quarter past two?

2:15 time

What does 1815 is q p s mean?

quarter past six 18:15 (24 hour time) is quarter past six

Do you use fractions when telling time?

A quarter after five, half past 6, a quarter to 7, etc...

What time is 9.75?

As there are 60 minutes in 1 hour, 9.75 must be 10.15 (quarter past ten).