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Q: What time on a clock does five to five show?
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What time does the show glee come on?

The new television show Glee comes on channel five which is known as fox five. This show premieres on Tuesday nights at eight o' clock pm eastern time.

What rhymes with five o' clock?

"Dock" and "flock" are words that rhyme with "five o' clock."

What time have you finished your work?

at five o clock

In every clock shop the clock sHow is the time 1010 why?

because the clock is showing the smiling face to the customers

A five letter word for keeps time?

clock or watch

Is their a picture of the first clock?

No. The first "Clock" would make a shadow from the sun to show what time it was.

Is a clock that is set five minutes fast is less precise than an identical clock that keeps correct time?

Precision is based on the cycle and not the time on the face. An hour is an hour no matter what the time is on the clock.

What is an analogue clock?

An analogue clock is usually a device with a dial and two (or more) hands that show the time.

How many time will a digital clock show the same time twice?


What does the world time clock do that normal clocks dont?

The World Time Clock shows you the time in various cities and countries around the world, and adjusts for various time zones. Whereas, a normal clock will only show you the time as you set it at your location.

At what time of the day does the queen show her annual speech?

1 o clock

How do you set an alarm clock on your zune?

uhm i dont think you can set an alarm clock, but you can have a clock on your zune. go to settings and scroll till you see clock, click 'show clock' to yes and set the time to either 12 or 24 hour setting then set your time