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w x 1

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Q: What times what equals w?
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If x equals 2 and y equals 3 and z equals 6 then what is the value of w if w equals xyz?

If x = 2 and y = 3 and z = 6 then the value of w if w = xyz is 36. (2 times 3 times 6)

What is 7 times w equals 42?


Area equals l x w?

yes area equals leangth times width, permimetre is 2 (l) 2 (w)

Formula for width?

W=L*A width equals length times area

What is the formula for finding the demensions of a rectangle given the area?

The area of a rectangle equals its length times its width (A = l*w), so if you have the area divided by the one of the sides equals the other side (l = A/w; w = A/l )

E equals hf - w then w equals?

w = hf - E

What is Work equals Force times Distance?

W= FxD is a balanced equation because Work is Force times distance.

Formula for length of a rectangle?

a = L x W: area equals length times the width. p = 2L + 2W: perimeter equals 2 times the length plus 2 times the width so L = (p - 2W)/2

What is 20 percent of 120?

well you can solve by creating an equation such as W=.20 times 120 W= 24 so 20 percent of 120 equals 24.

What does w equals in the following problem 20 w equals 6.5?

If you mean 20*w=6.5, then w=.325.

W plus 65 equals 1000 w equals what?


If v equals lwh then what does w equals?


What is the formua of finding the area of a square?

h x w = A Height times width equals Area.

How do convert amp to watts in single phase?

normally the equation is amp times volts equals watts (va=w).

What is 120 of 20?

well you can solve by creating an equation such as W=.20 times 120 W= 24 so 20 percent of 120 equals 24.

4 equals O of the W?

4 equals O of the W.--> 4 oceans of the world

What is the answer for this problem 2 over 3 times w equals 240 over 1?

If: 2/3w = 240/1 Then: w = 1/360

What is this ditloid 4 equals H a h s o w a w?

4 equals H a h s o w a w? WHAT IS THE ANSWER

What is the output force times the output distance?

According to the laws of physics, output force (F) times output distance (D) equals output work (W). W = F x D

Is this variable a solution 26 -w equals 18 for w equals 8?


What is the answer the the riddle 7 equals W of the A W?

7 equals Wonders of the Ancient World.

What is the formula for solving work?

W= F x D or Work equals Force times Displacement (Distance)

What equation defines work?

W = F * d Work equals Force times distance

8 times w equals 152?

its 19

What times what equals 120?

10 times 12 equals 120.