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An isosceles triangle.

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Q: What tipe of triangle has sides 4cm 5cm and 4cm?
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What shape are you have 3 straight sides my side lengths are 7cm 4cm 5cm?

A scalene triangle.

What is the length of sides on a polygon are 2cm 3cm 4cm 4cm and 5cm?

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What type of triangle has sides 3cm 4cm and 5cm?

This is the simplest Pythagorean Triple (52 = 32 + 42) so it's a right(-angled) triangle

Is it possible to build a triangle with the lengths of 3 cm 4 cm and 5cm?

yes it is. When you're dealing with the Pythagorean theory, a 3,4,5 triangle is a special triangle. For example, if a triangle has side lengths of 3cm and 4cm, then you automatically know that the other side length is 5cm. It also works if the side lengths are 5cm and 4cm or 5cm and 3cm.

What are some examples of scalen triangles?

A scalene triangle is a triangle that does not have a right angle in it (i.e. not a right angled triangle) and does not have two (or three) sides with the same length (i.e. not an isosceles triangle or an equilateral triangle). An example is a triangle with sides of length 4cm, 5cm and 6cm.

What is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle if the legs have a length of 3cm and 4cm?


What is the hypotenuse of a right triangle whose legs have measue of 3cm and 4cm?


How do you get to know that if the measure of sides of a triangle are 3 cm 4cm 5cm then it is a right angled triangle?

Because the sum of the squares of the smaller sides equals the square of the largest side: 32+42 = 25 and 52 = 25

Does 5cm 5cm 5cm make a triangle?

5cm, 5cm, and 5cm could represent the lengths of the sides of an equilateral triangle, or might indicate the length, width, and height of a cube.

How do you draw a triangle with a perimeter of 12cm and area of 6cm2?

It will be a right angle triangle with a base of 3cm, a height of 4cm and a hypotenuse of 5cm

What is the area of a triangle if the base is 4cm and the height is 5cm?

Area = 0.5*4*5 = 10 square cm

What is the radius of the circumcircle of a triangle with sides of 4cm by 5cm by 6cm?

Using the cosine rule the biggest angle is: 82.81924422 degrees Using radius formula for circumcircle of a triangle the radius is: 3.023715784 cm

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