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if the unit digit ie the '3' in 53 is less than 5, round down - if the unit digit is 5 -9 you round up..


41 - round down to 40

67 - round up to 70

59 - round up to 60

33 - round down to 30

56 - round up to 60

75 - round up to 80

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Q: What tips should you give to someone who is learning to round to the nearest ten?
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April needs to estimate the sum of 427 and 338 Should she round to the nearest ten or the nearest hundred to get closer answer?

She should round to the nearest hundred. why?

How do you round a percent to the nearest whole degree?

Round your percentage and that should be it.

When you estimate a square root and round to the nearest integer what should you do?

round to the nearest whole # after estimating the square root

What round up to 834 in the nearest hundred?

The nearest 100th is 800. You should round down not up. If you want to round up it would be 900.

What should you round 883 to the nearest hundred?


What is the answer if you round off 7.4 to the nearest whole number?

You have to check arethnic but when you round 7.4 to the nearest whole number your answer should be 5.************************************The nearest whole number to 7.4 is 7.0

How do you round 87 and frame the first digit?

you should round it to the nearest tenth and box the first number

Round 2 189?

Round to the nearest thousandth: 2,000 Round to the nearest hundredth: 2,200 Round to the nearest tenth: 2,190

How do you round 184 to the nearest hundred?

to round 184 to the nearest hundred, you need to look at the tens value place. if the number is 50+ then you round up, if it is 49 and below, then you round down. it's that simple. so you should get 200!

How do you round 13.958 million to the nearest million?

14 million. To specifically answer your question, take the number you want to round it nearest too (such as the nearest hundred, or the nearest thousand) and divide that by half. Anything below half of the number should be rounded down, everything else should be rounded up.

Round 2 577?

Round to the nearest thousandth: 3,000 Round to the nearest hundredth: 2,600 Round to the nearest tenth: 2,580

How are estimating and rounding different?

Estimating is a guess that should be close to the answer. Round is rounding a number up to the nearest ten, hundred. Example $345.89 round to the nearest dollar is $345.