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about $2.20 per square ft. + materials cost + $50. for fuel cost loading, and delivery

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Q: What to charge floor tile square foot?
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Each floor tile is1 foot square the perimeter is feet?

The perimeter of each tile is four feet.

You have 12 inch floor tile how much tile is needed for 154 square feet?

154 floor tiles. A tile measuring 12 inches on each side is one square foot, hence 154 square feet.

What is the Cost for laying porcelain tile?

if you have a tile guy do it, he'll charge at least a couple of dollars a square foot. . .add this to the cost of the tile

Vinyl floor tiles cost 3.50 per square foot tile and carpeting is 20.00 per square yardwhich is the better buy for a 9 foot by 12 foot room?

$3.50 a foot for floor tile seems awfully high. That's $31.50 a sq. yard compared to the $20.00 for carpet.

How much to charge per square feet to install tile?

I charge $5 per foot with a 100 ft min.

If a room is 400 square feet how many 2 foot by 2 foot tiles would it take to cover it?

A tile measuring 2 foot by two foot (which, incidentally, is an unusually large tile) has an area of 4 square feet, so it would take 100 such tiles to cover a 400 square foot floor.

What does 12x24 tile equal in square feet?

If the tile is in inches, you would convert to feet. A one foot by two foot tile covers 2 square feet.

A builder needs to tile a 7 foot by 8 foot room with one-foot square tiles. How many tiles will she need?

You would need 56 tiles to do the floor

How many 12x12 tile to cover 400sq ft?

So each tile is 12" by 12" square, right? So each tile is ONE square foot? (a perfect square that's a foot long and a foot wide). Each tile is one square foot and you need to know how many add up to 400 square feet. I think the answer is the square root of Pi.

How much do contractors charge for installing commercial carpet tile?

Up to 1.50 a square foot if you provide the Tiles and material, 1.50 is national average on the tile installation.

Floor Tile Installation?

form_title= Floor Tile Installation form_header= Make your home your dream home with floor tile. Where will the tile be installed?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of the space?*= _ [50] What color do you want the tile?*= _ [50]

What is the labor cost to install vinyl tiles?

the price for vinyl tile labor is .60 a square foot not including floor prep

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