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Q: What to measure things with instead of ruler?
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What are the uses of the meterstick?

uses to measure the lenght, wideness and thickness of an object.

Why did'NT the Greeks measure things with a ruler instead of creating construction?

because no construction literally means no buildings and houses and rulers are just nah

How does a ruler help us today?

A ruler is used to help us measure things.

Use a ruler to do this?

To measure things and to collect data

What is the use of the ruler?

To measure distance and to draw straight lines

What is the function of tape measure?

Tape measures are useful for measuring distances that are too large to measure with your ruler.

Which should you measure a tree?

You can measure a tree with a few things. If I were you the easiest thing would be a ruler.

What are two things that measure 1 foot?

a piece of paper, and a ruler

Who would use a micrometer?

for measuring things which are difficult to measure with a ruler

What are the three things used to measure angles?

protractor radian ruler

What things can you measure?

ruler. protector, yard stick, measuring tape

Why might you need to measure a perimeter with a measuring tape instead of a ruler?

Because of the sides.It won't be right then.