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$0.92 - $0.41 = $0.51

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Q: What to write the difference of 92 cents 41 cents in dollar form?
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How do you write 55.5 cents in dollar decimal form?


Write the decimal that shows what part of a dollar is 1 nickel?

A dollar is 100 cents while a nickel is 5 cents. The fraction is 5/100, which converts to the decimal form 0.05

How do you write five cents in standard form?

5 cents in standard form =========== your clearly a comedian, why write that? the answer is 5x10^-2 * * * * * No, the correct form is 5 cents of 0.05 major units of currency (Dollar, Euro). 5*10^-2 is scientific notation, not standard form. And the word is you're (abbreviation), not your (possessive)!

How do you write 70 cents in word form?

70 cents in word form is seventy cents.

How do you write 3.80 in word form?

Three and eight tenths. If this is a US dollar amount then it is three dollars and eighty cents.

How do you write 11 cents in decimal form?

You would write 11 cents as $0.11 or $.11 in decimal form.

How do you write 2 cents in decimal form?


How do you write 5 cents in standard form?

Five cents

How do you write 16.5 cents in decimal form?

16.5 cents in decimal form is 0.165

How do you write 1.77 cents in decimal form?

1.77 cents in decimal form is 0.0177

How do you write 9.5 cents in decimal form?

9.5 cents in decimal form is $ 0.095.

How do you write 99 cents in decimal form?

$0.99 * * * * * I disagree. The above answer is 99 hundredths of a dollar. That happens to be 99 cents but what if the question were in terms of Euro-cents? The decimal form is simply a way of representing a number - irrespective of how it might look in other units UNLESS the question specifies that the decimal form should be in the context of the other unit (dollar, Euro or whatever). Therefore, the correct answer is that 99 cents, in decimal form is simply 99 cents.

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