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Light travels at 186000 miles per second in vacuum.

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Q: What travels at a rate of 186000 mile per second?
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What travels at a rate of about 186000 mile per second?


A train one mile long travels at a rate of one mile per minute through a tunnel that is one mile long?

2 hours

Light travels at a rate of?

In a vacuum, light travels at about 300,000 km/second.

If a biker travels at a rate of 15 mile in 14 of an hour how far can he bike in one hour?

60 miles if he can sustain the rate.

Convert nautical mile to land mile?

Land mile refers to the speed at which a vehicle travels. One nautical mile per hour is the same rate as approximately 1.15 land miles per hour

How fast do light travels in a second?

In a vacuum, light travels at a rate of 299792458 meters per second. The distance 299782458 meters is the distance light travels in one second and is referred to as a lightsecond. Light travels at slower rates through denser materials.n it cano nly travel oen second

What is the rate of 1.5 feet per second?

About one mile per hour.

How fast does light travel kilometers?

Light travels at the rate of about 300,000 km a second.

A Wagon train is one mile long travels one mile at a constant rate At same time a wagon master rides his horse at a constant rate from the front of the train to the rear then back how far did he ride?

3 miles

A car travels 1 mile at 45 miles per hour What must its average speed be for the next mile in order to average 60 miles per hour for the 2 miles?

The answer is 75 mph. If one travels at 45 mph for one mile, then in order to travel an average of 60 mph for the 2 miles, the rate must be 75 mph (60-45=15). Then add 15 to 60 to get the rate for the second mile. To check the answer add 75 and 45 and divide by 60 (the minutes in one hour) to get the distance (2 miles).

A freight train travels 1 mile in 45 seconds At this rate how many miles will the train travel in 1 hour?


A train travels at the rate of 120 km per hour. What is its speed in meters per second?

33.33 meters per second.

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