What triangle has 14 sides?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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A triangle tri meaning3 is impossible to have more than 3 sides.

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Q: What triangle has 14 sides?
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What is the triangle with three 14 - cm sides?

It is an equilateral triangle that has 3 equal sides of 14 cm

What type of triangle does the sides 10 11 14 make?

An scalene triangle.

Is a triangle with sides 10 14 10 obtuse acute or right?

it is an acute triangle.

Can sides 19 13 14 make a triangle?

Yes they could. The only requirement is that if you add any two sides together they are longer than the third. 19 + 13 > 14; 19 + 14 > 13, and 13 + 14 > 19, so those sides can make a triangle.

What is the perimeter to a triangle that has two sides that are 14ft and one side with 9ft?

The isosceles triangle has a perimeter of: 14+14+9 = 37 feet

What shape is 14 centimeters and 3 centimeters and 8 centimeters?

If it only has those 3 sides then it must be a triangle. As all its sides are different lengths it's a scalene triangle.

How do you describe triangles by the sides?

Scalene Triangle- a triangle with no congruent sides Isosceles Triangle- a triangle with two congruent sides Equilateral Triangle- a triangle with three congruent sides

What type of triangle's sides have all nine sides?

A triangle can have only three sides. No triangle can have 9 sides!

Can segments 5 8 14 form a triangle?

No. 5+8 = 13 < 14 Any two sides of a triangle must add to more than the third side.

What kind of triangle has no 2 sides equal?

Scalene Triangle: a triangle with no two sides equalIsosceles Triangle: a triangle with two sides equalEquilateral Triangle: a triangle with all sides equalRight Triangle: A triangle with two 'legs' vertex creates a 90o angle.

What is a triangle with at least two congurent sides?

A triangle with two congruent sides is an isosceles triangle, and a triangle with three congruent sides is an equilateral triangle.

What triangle has no congruent sides?

A scalene triangle has no congruent sides. An equilateral has all equal sides, and an isosceles triangle has two of three sides equal.