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Q: What twelve and a half percentage of one kg?
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How much is 100g in half kg?

half kg = 500g → 100g = 100/500 half kg = 1/5 half kg.

What is One and a half kg?

It is 1500 grams.

What is one and a half tons in kg?


What is one half of 1120 kg?


What is 1 one half kg as a gram?

1/2 kg = 500 g

Half kg g?

Half a kg = 0.5 kg = 500 g

One pound and a half in kilograms?

0.68 kg.

What weighs 3 kilogram?

Three one kg bags of salt One three kg bag of salt One three kg bag of flour Three one kg bags of butter Three kg weights One three kg weight Six half kg weights Six half kg bags of feathers Three kgs of paperclips A three kg bag of gorilla excrement Three kgs of gorilla hair Should I continue..?

What is greater 200 g or half kg?

Half kg is equal to 500g so half kg is greater than 200g.

What is 15stone and one and a half pounds in kilograms?

95.9348 kg

What is one third of a half kilogram?

1/6 of a kg

Which is heavier half kg or 700 g?

700 grams is heaver. A kg (kilogram) is 1000 grams so one-half KG is 500 grams, less than 700 g.

How many pounds is half kg?

Half of one kilogram = 1.10231131 pounds. 1 pound

How many grams in twelve kg?

twelve thousand 12 x 1,000 = 12,000

How many much will it cost if apples were 3.98 kilogram and you wanted half a kg?

The question is incomplete. but one can interpret it as cost of apples be $3.98 per kg. therefore for half kg it will cost $1.99.

What is one and a half liter converted to kilograms?

1 litre = 1.003 kg 1.5 liter =1.565 kg

What percentage is 24 kg of 75 kg?

24 kg is 32 percent of 75 kg. Simply multiply 24 kg by 100% and then divide by 75 kg to convert to percentage.

Which is one of the way that Dishonest shopkeepers fool customers while weighing things with a weighing balance do?

shopkeepers do this by writing 1 kg on a weigh which is actually of half kg and when they balance it they take the money of 1 kg, but in real they have given only half kg

How many grams are in 1 and a half kg?

KG = 1000 which means half is 500 :)

What is 5 kg out of 200 kg as a percentage?

that would be 2005 kg all together

What is 9 kg 807 g to the nearest half kg?

10 kg

How many grams are they in twelve kilograms?

1 kg = 1,000 g 12 kg = 12,000 g

What is twelve stone in kilogram?

1 stone is about 6.35 kg so 12 stone is about 76.2 kg

What is ten stone twelve pounds in kilograms?

68.946 kg

If a cube is floating and half of it is in the water what is its density?

I think its half the one of the water. So 500 kg/m^3