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65 and 77, among others.

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Q: What two composite numbers have prime factors that add up to 18?
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How you find sum of prime numbers?

Prime numbers have only two factors which are themselves and one and they add up in the same way as composite numbers which have more than two factors

If you add a prime number to itself is the the sum composite or prime?

The sum of two prime numbers will be composite unless one of the prime numbers is 2.

Is the addition of two composite numbers also a composite number?

Not necessarily. For example 15 and 16 are composite numbers. They add to 31, which is a prime number. Similarly, the composite numbers 20 and 21 add up to 41, which is a prime number.

What are all the composite numbers between 30-40 that have prime factors that add up to 12?

The only number between 30 and 40 with distinct prime factors which add up to 12 is 35.

What kind of number do you get when you add 2 prime numbers?


What are composite numbers whose prime factors have a sum of ten?

21 and 30 if you're only counting distinct factors. Add 25 and 32 if you're not.

Are composite numbers closed under addition?

No, they are not. You can add two composite numbers, 15 and 14 for example, and get a sum, 29, that is prime.

How many district composite numbers can be formed by adding 2 of the first prime numbers?

The first two prime numbers add up to another prime number.

Is prime number less that 9 is equivalent to composite numbers less than 12?

You may mean: 3 and 5 are prime numbers that add up to the composite number of 8

If you add a prime number to itself is the sum composite or prime?


If you add a prime number to itself is the sum prime or composite?


Are 21 36 31 87 62 23 29 45 and 51 composite or prime?

23, 29 and 31 are prime. The rest are composite.

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