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They can be: 3+97 = 100 or 31+5 = 36

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Q: What two different prime numbers added together equals a square number?
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Is it true that any two numbers added together Equals an odd number?

it depends

What is the sum of two numbers if 35 is the second number and is four times the first number?

The numbers are 7 and 28 which equals 35 when added together

Multiplying negative numbers?

any two negative numbers multiplied together equals a positive number. any two positives numbers multiplied together equal positive numbers and any negative and positive numbers multiplied together equals a negative.negative, negative = positivenegative, positive = negativepositive, positive = positive

What numbers multiplied together equals 301?

301 is a prime number. Therefore only two numbers multiplied together to give 301 is itself and 1.

Why if you add two odd numbers together it always equals a squred number?

No. 1+5 = 6, which is not a squared number.

How do you find the mean of five different numbers?

Add the five numbers together and then divide that number by 5

Which of these numbers is a square number?

There are many different numbers that are square numbers. A square number is defined as the number you get when you multiply an integer by itself. For example 4 x 4 equals 16 so 16 is the square number.

What two prime numbers added together equals 97?

No two prime numbers added together have a sum of 97. All primes except the number 2 are odd numbers, and two odd numbers added together always produce an even sum.

What is number being added to another number?

The numbers that are added together are called addends. They add together to make the sum.

What is the easiest way to figure out the square root of a whole number?

By finding two same numbers that when multiplied together equals the given whole number

What 3 numbers equals 225?

There is only one number that equals 225. The number is 225.

What 3 numbers equals 70?

There is only one number that equals 70. The number is . . . . . 70 .

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