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1 x 5 = 5, and 5 x 3 = 15

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Q: What two digit number is equal to three times the product of its digits?
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What number is a 3 digit square number with the product of its digits equal to 2?


What is a 2-digit number the sum of whose digits is 1?


How many 5-digit numbers have digits whose product is equal to 4?

There are 15 of them.

What is a two digit number which has the difference of the 2 digits equal to your largest single digit?

21 and 20

What is a two digit number whose two digits added together equal 42 and multiplied together equal 82?

A two digit number whose two digits added together equal 42 and multiplied together equal 82

What is the first two digit prime number for which the product of its digits is equal to the sum of its digits plus seven?

29 2 * 9 = 18 2 + 9 = 11 18 - 11 = 7

What is an odd number between 402 and 418 the sum of the tens digits and ones digit is equal to the hundreds digits what is the number?


Is a decimal number with two digits is sometimes equal to a decimal number with three digits?

Only if the final digit, after the decimal point, is zero.

In a two digit number if it is known that it units digit exceed its tens digit by 2 and that the product of the given number and the sum of its digit is equal to 144 then the number is?


What is a four digit number with ascending digits whose first two numbers have a difference of two the third digit is even and the sum of the first three digits equal the last digit?


Four times the sum of the digits of a two-digit number is equal to the number if the digits are reversed the resulting number is 27 greater than the original number what is the number?

The number is 36

If You are a two digit number the sum and product of your digits are the same?

No. Take 12 for example. 1+2=3 but 1x2 doesn't equal 3, it equals 2.

The tens digit and the ones digit of a certain number are equal The sum of the squares of the digits of the number is 50 What is the number?

55 52+52 = 50

Find a number of two digit is equal two three times the sum of digits?


How do you generate 3-digit palindromic number?

Let the first and third digits be equal. Choose any other number as the second digit. 202, 919, etc.

What two digit number are each equal to their right most digits squared?

25 & 36.

The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9 the number itself is equal to twice the product of its digit find the number?

The Answer is 36 btw. 3 + 6 = 9 3 x 6 = 2(3x6) 2(18) = 36

Multiply the number 12345679 missing the digit 8 by any digit then multiply the result by 9 The result of this will be a number whose digits are all equal to the one you chose?

It works!

What 3 digit number when added together is equal to the product of digits?

123: 1+2+3=6 1x2x3=6 Also 132, 213, 231,312 and 321

I am a two digit number.The sum of my digits equal 18. Who am I?


How do you write a number of 13 digits?

Any number which is greater than or equal to 10^12 is 13 digit number.

What seven digit number is equal to the sum of the seventh exponent of each of its digits?

1,111,111 since 17 = 1

What is the flow chart for palindrome number?

To determine if a number is a palindrome, simply reverse all the digits, then check if the reversed number is equal to the original number. To reverse the digits of a positive number, num: result = 0 while num > 0 { digit = n % 10 (extract the least significant digit) result = result * 10 (move current result digits one place to the left) result = result + digit (append the new digit) num = num / 10 (move digits one place to the right) } end while return result

Program that a number is Armstrong or not?

if the sum of the cubic value of each digit of a number is equal to the original number , then that particular number is an Armstrong number :-) Actually, Armstrong numbers are the sum of their own digits to the power of the number of digits.

What is the formula to find number of three digit numbers such that sum of the squares of any two digits is equal to third digit?

N squared would be used to find the square root of a number or numbers. In order to find the number of three digit numbers such that the sum of the square results of any two digits are equal to the third digit the use of the formula (HOE)squared=Hsquared*10000+2HE*100+Esquared is needed.