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Temperature and altitude are the two make factors that influence air pressure.

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Q: What two factors influence air pressure?
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What two factors influence dew point?

Temperature and amount of moisture in the air (you can call this humidity, vapor pressure....depends what your purpose is)

What factors influence air resistance?

Surface and velocity are the two main factors that influence air resistance. However, area is also another factor that influences air resistance.

What two factors mainly influence global precipitation?

Global Winds And Pressure Systems

What factors promote rust?

The two main factors that influence the rate a metal rusts are moisture and air. Another factor that has some influence is temperature.

What are two factors that affect air pressure?

it would be the amount of air above it ,and the temperature around it

What are the two factors that determine the movement of air mass?

Two main factors that influence air movement are pressure and temperature, though they are really the same thing. Air moves to places with less pressure, to "fill them up," and gets pushed away from areas with high pressure. Also, when air gets hot, it becomes less dense than the air around it and is pushed upward. When it gets cold, it becomes more dense, and sinks toward the ground.

Which two factors keep the Sahara Desert hot?

High pressure air masses and direct sunlight.

What influences ones decision to drink?

Many factors can influence the decision to drink. Peer pressure and stress are two of them.

What two factors cause wind?

Pressure difference (mainly) and temperature difference. Air flows from areas of high pressure to low pressure.

What are weather factors?

Air masses and the water cycle are two factors that influence the weather. Other weather factors are weather fronts and the jet streams. These include air moisture, wind, and temperature.

What two factors does pressure depends on?

The two factors pressure depends on is force and area.

What are the two factors associated with air masses?

pressure, tempeture, and hummidity. answered by:zachary hemingway

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