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-3, -6

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Q: What two numbers multiplied equal 18 added equal -9?
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What two numbers equal 118?

When added? multiplied?

What two numbers when added equal 11 and when multiplied equal 10?

The numbers are 1 and 10.

What two numbers equal seven when added but equal thirty when multiplied?


What two numbers multiplied equal 216 but added equal 50?


What two numbers multiplied equal 105 and added equal -26?


What 2 numbers added equal -12 and multiplied equal 292?

No two numbers exist.for the two numbers to be added to be negative and multiplied to be positive, both numbers must be negative, and the highest possible multiplication for two numbers added to -12 would be (-6 and -6) but multiplied, yields 36. So, no such numbers would exist.

What two numbers when multiplied equal -1600 and can be added to equal 60?


What two numbers equal 27 when added and equal 72 when multiplied?


Two numbers added together equal -10 When multiplied they equal-56 What are the two numbers?


What two numbers added together equal 1 The two numbers multiplied equal negative 30?

6 and -5

What Two Numbers Added Equal 23 And Multiplied Equal 120?

15 and 8

What Two Numbers Added Equal -23 And Multiplied Equal 120?

-8 and -15