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Q: What two numbers when multiplied by themselves would equal nine?
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What numbers would be Perfect Squares?

Counting numbers multiplied by themselves.

What 2 numbers added equal -12 and multiplied equal 292?

No two numbers exist.for the two numbers to be added to be negative and multiplied to be positive, both numbers must be negative, and the highest possible multiplication for two numbers added to -12 would be (-6 and -6) but multiplied, yields 36. So, no such numbers would exist.

What two numbers multiplied would equal 1282?

2 x 641

Why are some numbers called square roots?

they are called square numbers because, the numbers that are being multiplied by itself(5x5=25)would equal its' sum OR answer. These numbers would be a perfect square.

What two numbers multiplied equal 132?

the answer would only be 12*11 but other wise there really isn't any other two numbers to multiply by

How do you get the factors?

to get the factors of a number you figure out what numbers multiplied together would equal the number youre trying to get factors for

What are Two nine digit numbers divided to equal pi?

No two numbers that can be completely written down with digits can be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided to equal PI. If they could be divided to equal PI, then PI would be a rational number. But it isn't.

What two multiplied numbers equals 185?

If 5 and 37 are multiplied, the answer would be 185.

What is the square root of 402?

well you could figure it out you could find out what same two numbers multiplied would equal up to it if none do do the math or get a calculator

What multiplied by 9 would equal 308?


What is 598 multiplied by x equal?

It would just be 598x.

Are all multiples of a prime numbers prime numbers?

no, because then they would be divisible by the number you multiplied it by.

What 4 numbers equal 30?

Depending on the restrictions applied to the problem, there are an infinite number of solutions. Whether you may use fractions are not, if you are restricted to the natural numbers or if all the real numbers are included, if you may use negative numbers. The easiest solution would be 30, 0, 0, 0. Another simple solution would be to have all the numbers be equal to themselves. If we represent x as one of the numbers and all numbers are equal in between themselves, we have that x + x + x + x = 30 or 4x = 30 From there you must divide both sides of the equal sign by 4 (just 4) so that x = 30/4 From there it's simple fraction reduction (30 and 4 are divisible by 2) so x = 15/2 Then, if you are allowed decimals, you can transform fraction x = 7.5

Why any number multiplied to zero results to zero?

if it didn't equal zero then what else would it equal

What would 49.65 multiplied by 3 equal?


When whole numbers are multiplied the product is a number?

Yes. What else would it be?

Does 9.9 equal 10?

No - although 9.9 recurring would equal ten: consider that 3.3 recurring multiplied by 3 is equal to 10.

What two numbers when using one negative number when multiplied together equal 405?

Since 405 is positive, using one negative number forces one to actually use two negative numbers. The pair -1x-405 would work for instance.

What two numbers equals 96?

many numbers can equal 96. If you want two equal numbers then it would be 48.

How do you times a decimal number with a usaul number?

A decimal number is multiplied by a non-decimal number the same way any two numbers are multiplied together. The place value of the numbers being multiplied must be kept in mind though. So if 2x3=6, just as 2x30=60, 2x0.3 would be 0.6. For numbers with more than one digit, you would treat the multiplication the same way as for non decimal numbers.

What number multiplied by 32 would equal 81?

It is: 2.53125 times 32 = 81

What two numbers multiplied would equal 656?

There are many possible combinations. 1 and 656 is one possibility. 2 and 328 is another. 4 and 164 is a third. 8 and 82 is a fourth. 16 and 41 is a fifth.

What 2 numbers would be the square root of 53?

Every positive integer has two square roots, a positive square root and a negative square root. This is because, just like a positive number multiplied by a positive number is equal to a positive number, a negative number multiplied by a negative number is equal to a positive number. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, the positive square root is equal to 7.28, and the negative square root is -7.28.

Is equal to mass multiplied by gravitational field strength?

As mass gets multiplied by the gravitational strength at a point would give the weight of the mass felt at that point

How do you factor 5x2 - 4x plus 1?

Normally, you would do this by finding a pair of numbers whose product is equal to the product of the first term's coefficient multiplied by the last term, and whose sum is equal to the coefficient of the second term. Those numbers could then be used to break the expression down further. In other words, you are looking for two numbers, we'll call them A and B, in which (A + B) = -4 and AB = 5. Unfortunately, there are no such numbers, so that expression can not be factored.