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Q: What two things does the MNP 5 standard control?
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Two things that control the flowering in plants are?

two things that control the flowering in plants are

You are given that triangle mnp triangle xyz line mp equals 8cm line xz equals 12cm the perimeter of triangle xyz equals 80cm what would be the perimeter of triangle mnp?

It is necessary to mention that the two triangles are similar.Let the perimeter of the triangle MNP be x cm.Since the triangles XYZ and MNP are similar triangles,8/12 = x/80 (multiply both sides by 80)640/12 = x53.3333... = x53 3/9 = x53 1/3 = xThus, the perimeter of the triangle MNP is 53 1/3 cm.

What are two things the ear control?

The ear controls two things: hearing and balance.

What is a standard to which your results can be compared?

Two words come to mind …Benchmark and,Control

How did the mesopotamia control flooding?

what are two things summerians invented

What are the two things that control deep currents?

Wind and earthquakes

What two things do the loft of the golf club control?

Height and Distance

How do you write 50 ten thousand in standard form?

50 and 10,000 are two numbers, so you probably mean 10,050. Standard form can mean two things, scientific form or standard form. The standard form is 10,050. the scientific form is 1.005 x 10^4.

Do all birth control pills protect you against chlamydia?

Absolutley not! The two things that do are: no sex or condoms. Birth control pills control the births of babies, nothing more.

When using the control panel in windows 7 what two types of user accounts can be created?

2 user accounts can be created from control panel, administrator account and standard user account.

How do you select two things at the same on the computer?

Hold down control (Ctrl) and click what on what you need to select.

6 Differentiate between Standard Costing and Budgetary Control?

Distinction Between Standard Costing And Budgetary ControlAlthough budgetary control and standard costing both are based on some common principles; both are pre-determined, comparison will be made with the actual costs and both system need a revision of the standards or the budget, these two systems have certain differences which are as follows: 1. Budgetary control deals with the operation of a department or the business as a whole in terms of revenue and expenditure. Standard costing is a system of costing which makes a comparison between standard costs of each product or service with its actual cost.2. Budgetary control covers as a whole in terms of revenue and expenditures such as purchases, sales, production, finance etc. Standard costing is related to a product and its cost only.3. Budgetary control is applicable to utmost all business organizations. Standard costing is applicable to manufacturing concerns producing standard products and services.4. Budgetary control is concerned with a specific period and is based on the totals of amounts. Standard costing is concerned with the standard costs, which are worked out generally per unit of production.5. Budgetary control is not based on standard costing system. Standard costing cannot exist in the absence of a budgetary control system.Posted Syeda Humaira Fatima