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The HP 12C is a financial calculator with special built-in functions such as register-based cash-flow analysis and RPN (Reversed Polish Notation). It is used by people working in the finance sector and has become the 'standard' by which similar calculators are measured.

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Q: What type of calculator is the HP 12C?
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What exactly does a Hp 12c financial calculator do?

The HP 12c financial calculator has all of the functions of a normal calculator plus additional functions for financial transactions. There are buttons to easily calculate loan amoritization, percent discounts, and sales tax.

Where can one purchase an HP 12C calculator?

Hp 12C calculators can be purchased many places. One being through HP's website. Another is Best Buy, Amazon or Staples. There are reviews to look at and make sure its the desired product.

What can one expect to pay for an HP 12C Platinum financial calculator?

The HP 12C Platinum is a versatile financial calculator with over 120 built in functions for business, finance and statistics. The list price is $79.99. As at May 2013, a review of the prices at a number of major online retailers shows a price around $71.99 for a new calculator.

What HP calculators are allowed on the ACT or SAT?

It depends on the type of HP calculator you are using. You may only use a four-function, scientific, and graph calculator that does not come with other functions.

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What is the difference between 'GPIB' and 'I2C' and 'RS485'?

HP is a company that makes and market particular hardware / software for speciallist application. An example is the 12C calculator which is capable of using a GPIB standard chip to send a signal through a RS485 cable to a computer

Does the HP 10BII Business Financial Calculator have graphing capabilities?

No, the HP 10BII Business Financial Calculator does not having graphing capabilities.

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