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It is not an equation because it's an algebraic expression

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Q: What type of equation is 5.99 plus 1.25m in algebra?
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What type of algebra is 5h-5 equals 4h plus 7?

It is an equation.

what is algebra ygb-iboe-hvz?

Algebra ygb-iboe-hvz is a type of algebraic equation known as a "ygb-iboe-hvz equation". This type of equation is a type of linear equation that is commonly used to solve for the unknown variable in a given equation. The equation is composed of three terms: ygb, iboe, and hvz. The ygb term is the coefficient of the unknown variable, the iboe term is the constant, and the hvz term is the right-hand side of the equation. To solve the equation, the coefficients of each term must be determined and the equation must be rearranged to solve for the unknown variable.

What type of oil and how much does 1985 Honda 125m use?

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What type of reaction is shown in this thermochemical equation A plus B plus Heat -- C plus D?


What type of algebra tile model would you draw for 5x plus 15 plus 6x plus 7 plus x?

Sorry, it's impossible to draw with a keyboard!

What type of chemical reaction is this equation Al plus CuCl-- Cu plus AlCl?

Displacement reaction

What is 18 plus 19 plus 24 plus 23?

84. just type your equation into google and it has a calculator that automatically calculates it.

What type of equation is this Ch4 plus O2?

It is a combusion.It generates water and CO2

Cu---Cu plus 2 plus 2e- this equation above represents the type of reaction called?


Find the radius for a circle with the equation x2 plus y2 equals 9?

Type your answer here. Find the radius for a circle with the equation x2 plus y2 equals 9? ..

How you balance the ionic equation's?

The number of each type of atom on each side of the reaction equation must be the same. Take the equation and add numbers in front of each compound, multiplying the atoms in the compound by that number, like the distributive property in algebra. These numbers are added so that the numbers of each type of atom on both sides are equivalent.

What type of math probkems is 3x plus 6 equals 9x-6?

That type of math problem is called an algebraic equation.