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While no type of exchange rate system guarantees safety, current research favors the idea that countries that adopt a Pegged Exchange Rate may be more vulnerable to an exchange rate crisis. (pg 273, Gerber) International economics James Gerber

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Q: What type of exchange rate is associated with a higher probability of experiencing a crisis?
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A currency crisis occurs when a country can no longer support the price of its currency in foreign-exchange markets under a fixed-exchange-rate system.

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Do you think the standard IMF policy prescriptions of tight monetary policy and reduced government spending are always appropriate for developing nations experiencing a currency crisis

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What has the author Andrea Bubula written?

Andrea Bubula has written: 'Are pegged and intermediate exchange rate regimes more crisis prone?' -- subject(s): Foreign exchange rates, Financial crises

Can international business operate easily in a fixed exchange rate system or in a flexible exchange rate system?

Flexible exchange rate system made international business operate easily . This was especially seen after the Bretton Woods collapse. Flexible exchange rate brought market uncertainty and instability to business while the flexible system is vulnerable to crisis.

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