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Q: What type of graph displays data from a frequency table and has one bar for each interval of the table that contains values?
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What is the number of values that lie in an interval?


Which interval contains the fewest data values?

Which contains the fewest data values

What is a sentence for class interval?

class interval - one of several convenient intervals into which the values of the variate of a frequency distribution may be grouped.

Why do you need to measure extremely small interval of times?

We need small values of delta t as the smaller is the time interval better resolution of signal is possible. Also, the highest frequency in frequency domain is inversely proportional to delta t. So higher delta t in time domain results in higher the maximum frequency in frequency domain.

Does cumulative frequency show distribution?

Not directly, but the cumulative frequency contains the same information as the frequencies for the values in question. However, it may not show the full details of the distribution if the values have been grouped.

What displays the lowest values for a range of values in excel?

The MIN function.

What is the data that is comprised of numerical values?

interval data

What is the difference between the values on the scale of a graph?

the answer is, interval

How do you find the interval for a set of data?

You find the the smallest and largest values. The interval is the largest minus the smallest.

What percentage is 1.5 standard deviation?

The interval of 1.5 sd either side of the mean contains 87 of the values of a Gaussian distribution. For other distribution the answers will be different.

What are the difference between successive values on a scale?

The difference between the successive values on a scale is an interval.

If you have constructed the confidence interval 1200.058 1448.603 and the values are in thousands is it considered to be a good confidence interval or is it too large?

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