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pie graph

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Q: What type of graph is divided into sections each representing a percent?
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Four sections into which the graph is divided?

The Cartesian graph is divided into four sections called quadrants.

What is a quadrant in a graph?

A graph is divided into 4 sections by one vertical line and one horizontal line. Each of the resultant sections is called a quadrant.

Percentage sections in a circle graph?

A one-percent sector subtends an angle of 3.6 degrees at the centre.

What is the name for one of the four sections of a graph divided by the x and y axis called?

They are called quadrants.

What are the two ways of representing a graph?

finite and infinite graph.

What is a circle graph use?

A circle graph is used for showing something divided into portions. For example, a circle graph with the title "Trash in the Atlantic Ocean" would have sections and percentages of each section with labels of each section of each type of trash in the Atlantic Ocean.

What situation you have you use a pie graph?

A pie graph is used when representing portions of a whole.

How do you do a hypothetical economy graph?

Draw a graph representing a hypothectical economy

What is a bar graph representing frequency distribution with no spaces between the bars is called an?

a bar graph

What are the four sections of a graph called?


What is a call graph?

A call graph is a directed graph representing relationships between called and calling subroutines in a computer programme, as used in code analysis.

What kind of graph represents data as slices of a pie?

It is a graph in the form of a circle representing 360 degrees around it.

How do you calculate percent elongation in materials?

To calculate percent elongation with an equation: [(final length - initial length) / initial length] x 100 = percent elongation On a graph - To calculate percent elongation, draw a line to the x-axis from the point of fracture parallel to the straight line part of the graph. The extension at this point is then divided by the gauge length.

What graph shows how the whole of something is divided into parts?

A pie graph shows how the whole is divided into parts.

A line graph contains?

Two axes, each representing a different variable.

How do you multiply and divide on a line graph?

line graph x line graph = divided line graph

What is the difference between axis label and a label in a bar graph?

axis labels are x and y while bar graph labels explain what the graph is representing.

Scentific definition of a circle graph?

circle graph= a graph that represents data using sections of a circle. The sum of the percents in a circle graph is 100o/o

What is a bar graph?

A bar graph is an alternative term for a bar chart, a graph in the form of boxes of different heights, with each box representing a different value or category of data, and the heights representing frequencies.

A graph shows distance on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axisif the speed is steadily increasing what will the line representing speed look like on the graph?

If a graph shows distance on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis, and the speed is steadily increasing, the line representing speed will be a straight line.

What does a line graph contain?

two axes each representing a different variable. apex

A double-bar graph is a graphical method of representing the frequency of specific ordered?


What type of graph would be best to use to present the folllowing information in a report airborme emissions from land 33 percent ocean dumping 10 percent offshore mining oil and gas drilling 1 percen?

Three bars: or four with the fourth representing "other".

Most useful for representing how one variable influences another variable?

A line graph is most useful for representing how one variable influences another variable.

What are the 3 graphs use in representing data?

There's a bar graph, pie graph, and a line graph. All represent amounts of change or amounts of a substance. Hope this helped