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line graph

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Q: What type of graph would best show the highest and lowest temperature for each of the last four years?
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How would you go about arranging the data to easily determine the highest and the lowest temperature?

Don't arrange it at all. Call the first temperature in the list "lowest" and also "highest". Then go down the list. If a temperature is bigger than "highest", re-set "highest" to that temperature, so that further values will be compared with that. Equally, if a temperature is lower than "lowest", re-set "lowest" to that temperature, so that furher values will be also compared with that. Eventually you will reach the end of the data, with "highest" and "lowest" giving the values you want.

What are the highest and lowest jobs of southwest airlines?

It can not be told for sure that what are the highest and lowest salary in Southwest Airlines. But the lowest would be around $12 per hour and the highest would be about $180 per hour.

What would be more appropriate to show temperature a bar or line graph?

Usually a bar graph would be better in this situation. If the temperature is shown over time, a line graph would be better.

Where would the temperature of the ocean be lowest?

In the trenches - The lowest you can go.

What are oxygen levels highest and lowest?

Oxygen's highest level is 100%. Oxygen's lowest level would be 20%.

What is Kentucky's lowest temperature?

Kentucky's lowest temperature would be -34 F and -37 C

What graph would you use to show monthly temperature for the year?

You can use a bar graph or a line graph.

Graph is exellent for showing range of temperature?

a line graph would do the best or you could do the bar graph but it would be a bit longer to do

How do you find the temperature range?

Let's say the lowest temperature is -10 and highest temperature is 25. Then the range would be -10 to 25 degrees. Subtract the smaller number from the larger one to find the range.

What is the difference between the highest and lowest factor of 22?

The lowest factor is 2 and the highest is 11 so the difference would be 9.

What is the highest and lowest notes on the piano?

The highest note on a grand piano is the note C. The lowest note on a piano would be D.

Which planet would you expect has the lowest surface temperature Uranus Saturn or Neptune?

The lowest surface temperature is Jupiter. 

Would temperature or mass go on the x axis on a graph?

temperature would because it's controlled

What interval would be appropriate to graph data?

Hourly temperature

What interval would be appropriate to graph the data?

The time and the temperature

string famly lowest to highest?

The members of the string family, from the highest to the lowest, are the violin, the viola, cello and bass. Without the strings you would no longer have an orchestra, you would have a band, The string family, as a unit, can play the very highest notes and the very lowest.

Which type graph would best show the temperature for each day last month?

a bar graph

Is a range the highest number and the lowest number divided by two?

no, it is the highest number subtracted by the lowest number ex: 4,5,8,10,17 the range would be 13

What is the lowest point of y equals x squared?

If you mean the graph, then the lowest coordinates would be (0,0). Also known as the origin.

How far would it be from the highest point to the lowest point on earth?


What sequence would sort data from lowest to highest in Excel?

Answer======> Ascending

What type of graph would be most appropriate to show the change in temperature over the course of a day?

A line graph

What year AD has all the letters that have used in Roman Numerals and in order from highest to lowest?

In order from highest to lowest, you would have the number MDCLXVI, which is equal to 1666.

What is the highest nuclear reaction temperature?

there is no end-scale "highest" temperature, to put this in easy terms : the bigger the bang the higher the temperature, to answer the Question: the highest temperature would probably be the temperature created when the big-bang occurred.

What are the lowest and highest scores you ca attain on the SAT test?

In the old SAT pre-2016, the lowest score you could get was 600 points. This would mean scoring 200 on each section. The highest score would be 2400. As of March 2016, the highest score you can get is 1600 and the lowest is 400.