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Q: What type of line creates the feeling of confusion?
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What type cable has the highest resistance to noise and carry a signal the longest distance?

The type of cable that enables the longest transmission with the lowest loss is called Goubau line, or G-line, for short. This line has far less loss than either coaxial cable or parallel line (twinlead). By using conical shaped "launchers", G-line creates a type of waveguide.

What is a type of spherical bacteria?


What kind of volcano creates granite?

Granite is formed when molten rock, or magma, cools and solidifies beneath the Earth's surface. This type of volcano is known as a plutonic or intrusive volcano. These volcanoes do not erupt on the surface but instead form large bodies of igneous rock underground, where the magma slowly cools over time.

Which type of erosion creates a larger channel?

Gully Erosion creates a larger channel.

What does happiness mean?

happy is a type of feeling and it means you are delightful

What type of nuclear detonation creates a huge crater and creates a mushroom cloud?

Surface burst

What type of radiation creates a crater?


What type of weathering creates a bay?

Erosion and weathering by water, such as wave action and longshore drift, can create a bay by wearing away softer rock or sediments along the coastline. This process typically occurs over a long period of time, resulting in the formation of a curved indentation in the land that we recognize as a bay.

What type of motion creates earthquakes?

Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of energy along faults in the Earth's crust. This release of energy is typically triggered by the movement of tectonic plates. When the stress along a fault exceeds its strength, it can cause the rocks to break and produce seismic waves, leading to an earthquake.

What type of boundary creates valleys?


Which type of nuclear detonation creates a huge crater and creates a mushroom cloud?

A shallow subsurface burst.

What type of connection to U.S. Government equipment creates a high potential for spillage?

what type of connection to us government equipment creates a high potential for spillage