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Isaac newton invented no such math only science

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Q: What type of math did Isaac newton invent?
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What math was Isaac Newton known for?

Isaac is known for calculus which is a type of math

What type of math did Isaac Newton associate with?

advanced math

What type of measurement did Sir Isaac Newton invent?

a type of weight called a newton

What type of things did sir isaac newton discover or invent?

gravity by a apple,

What Type Of Math Did Newton Invent?

Calculus. Very hard math that another made a little simpler.

What types of maths did Isaac newton do?

Isaac Newton used all types of math that existed at the time. And when he neededto do a calculation that no existing type of math could do, he invented a new type.(It's the one we call 'integral calculus' now.)

What did Isaac Newton study?

Isaac Newton studied Motion and the laws of motion and gravity, space, the stars, math , he created calculous. tip go to and type in your question.

What is the newtonian telescopeDid newton invent this?

The Newtonian telescope was invented in 1668 by Sir Isaac Newton. It is a type of telescope that uses refracting mirrors to project an image for the viewer.

What type of math did sir Issac Newton invent?

Newton , along with Gottfried Leibnitz , is considered to be the co-inventor of (the) Calculus. He also made several other contributions to math such as in numerical analysis.

What type of science did Sir Isaac Newton study?

alchemist is the type of scientist that sir Isaac newton was. hope this helps

What type of scientist was Isaac Newton?

he was a physicist.

In what unusual type of graveyard is Sir Isaac Newton buried in?

Sir Isaac Newton is buried in Westminster Abbey

What type of math did muslums invent?


What type of prism did Isaac Newton use?

a triangular prism

Which type of mathematics did Sir Isaac Newton develope?


Who is the well known scientist and what did he invent?

Isaac Newton -- invented calculus and a type of telescope that was more compact, but gave better magnification to see planets, stars, etc.

What did sir isaac newton discover?

He discovered the basic laws of physics/ gravity, that light is three different colours put together and a type of math called calculus.

What type of apple fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head?

we can't tell what type but it is a red kind of apple

How do we use Isaac Newton's math ideas today?

Reflecting Telescope - In 1668 Newton invented the reflecting telescope. This type of telescope uses mirrors to reflect light and form an image. Nearly all of the major telescopes used in astronomy today are reflecting telescopes.

Sir Isaac Newton's Discoveries?

Type your answer here... he discovered gravity and also he got hit by an apple

What type of family did Isaac Newton grow up in?

his mother was 16 when he was born and his dad was a 60 year oldnecrophiliac

Who discovered forces?

Sir Isaac Newton discovered Force. He discovered lots of different type of Forces. E.g: gravitational force.

Who is the most brilliant scientist?

Albert Einstein... i hope it is the isaac newton because he has an different type of thinking and he has an IQ of 180 which no man has

Did the ancient greak invent math?

It depends on what type of math you are talking about. My social studies teacher told me that the ancient Babylonians invented place value. Idk if that's right or not but......

What type of telescope did newton invent?

reflecting telescope since it could capture more light than a refracting telescope. all of this was the beginning of spectroscopy