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what types of math skills do you need to be a physical therapist

you will need to use measurements says many.!

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Q: What type of math skills do physical therapist need?
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What special skills does a physical therapist need?

A physical therapist needs to be patient and understanding. They also need to know about muscles in the body and body mechanics.

What kind of math is used in physical therapy?

Physical therapists mostly use basic arithmetic. At a minimum, a physical therapist needs to be able to count to 10, to determine if any fingers/toes/arms/legs on their patient are missing. They also need to add large numbers, in order to calculate the total dollar amount they should charge their patients for their sessions.

What experiences do you need to be a physical therapist?

you need to be smart.

Do you have to be a physical therapist in order to have a physical therapy l.l.c or company?

you need to either be a physical therapist or a physician to own a PT company.

How would a therapist use math?

A physical therapist uses math when he/she checks the total amount of how much they need to charge each patient. They also use it when they measure how swollen or how large a body part is. Whenever an instrument is used, like a goinometer, they measure how much force is used.

What skills do you need to be a massage therapist?

biology definatly

Do you need to see a doctor before you am referred to a physical therapist?

If you are looking for a physical therapist you absolutely need to be referred to on by a medical doctor. Depending on your needs and/or injuries your family medical doctor will be able to make recommendations or to the preferred physical therapist.

Do you need to know chemistry to be a physical therapist?


Do you need a doctorate to become a physical therapist?

No way!

What training does a physical therapist need?

A college Degree

Are There Physical Therapy Aides Needed in Trinidad Tobago?

they need physical therapist..

What are the skills needed for codebreaker?

You need Math