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Q: What type of measurement is 55 miles per hour?
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What type of measurement is this 55 miles per hour?


What type of measurement A northwesterly wind of 5 miles per hour?

vectorIt is a meteorological measurement.

What is the meaning of abbreviation mph?

It is a measure of the average number of miles covered in a period of one hour.

What measurement is this 55 miles per hour?

Speed or velocity.

Convert 4708 miles into hours?

That is Not possible. A distance cannot be converted in a measurement of time. The only way to do that is to know the Miles per Hour, such as 65 Miles Per Hour, or 55 Miles Per Hour. Miles cannot be converted into Hours without something else, such as Miles Per Hour.

Are miles per hour and seconds scalar quantities?

Miles per hour and seconds are units of measurement of speed and time respectively, which are scalar quantities.

Is 65 mph a measurement?

Yes it is a measurement. how could you measure miles per hour?:p of course it is!:()

What is the unit of measurement for speedometer?

Speedometer measure thing in mph (Miles Per Hour) or kph (Kilometers Per Hour).

How many miles in an hour?

Miles and hours are measurements of two different things. Miles are a measurement of distance and hours are a measurement of time. If you are referring to the phrase "miles per hour" (MPH), it is not stating that there are miles in an hour but rather is stating how many miles can be traveled within the duration of an hour, thus offering a type of unit of speed. For instance, if someone is driving 40 MPH, they can travel 40 miles in 1 hour. 1 MPH is equal to 0.44704 m/s (meters per second). So, how many miles you can travel in an hour depends on the MPH you are travelling.

What unit of measurement dose a Anemometer measure in?

An Anemometer measures wind speed, either in kilometres per hour, or miles per hour, or sometimes in knots per hour.

50 kilometers per hour to miles per hour?

You mean 45 kilometers per hour? That is 27.9617 miles per hour.

Can acceleration be measured in miles per hour?

No. "Miles per hour" is a speed. An acceleration might be "Miles per hour per hour", or "miles per hour squared".