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You can measure any object you like using tonnes, however, unless the object is a massive one like an Elephant or a Bus, there is likely to be lots of zeros after (or before) a decimal point which would make it not a very sensible unit to measure the mass of the object.

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A massive object such as a car, an elephant.

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Q: What type of object would be measured in tonnes?
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Find out the form of Mechanical energy in he object. Kinetic energy is measured with velocity Vibration energy measured by amplitude and frequency of vibration. Datum energy is measured by height of the object from ground. Hence it depends on the type of the energy.

Is weight a type of force?

No, weight is the amount of gravity affecting an object. It is measured in Newtons and calculated by multiplying the acceleration due to gravity by the mass of on object. For example: An object with a mass of 1Kg would, on Earth, where the acceleration due to gravity is about 9.8ms2, weigh 9.8N

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It's different for each type of energy stored, but the easiest is in foot-lbs, the weight of the object times the distance it can fall.

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The way the word "heat" is defined in physics, it is a type of energy - and energy is measured in joules.The way the word "heat" is defined in physics, it is a type of energy - and energy is measured in joules.The way the word "heat" is defined in physics, it is a type of energy - and energy is measured in joules.The way the word "heat" is defined in physics, it is a type of energy - and energy is measured in joules.

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[object Object]

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In the US, a fish tank's capacity is measured in gallons.

What type of energy is measured in joules?

All types of energy may be measured in Joules.

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How many tons of asphalt in 1 square meter 50 mm thick?

Anywhere between 0.08 tonnes and 0.125 tonnes. Depending upon the type of asphalt, and its actual make up, the density of asphalt can vary between 1.6 tonnes/m3 and 2.5 tonnes/m3 1000 mm = 1 m mass = volume x density volume = 1 m2 x 50 mm = 1 m2 x 50 ÷ 1000 m = 0.05 m3 The mass can vary between: lightest: mass = 0.05 m3 x 1.6 tonnes/m3 = 0.08 tonnes heaviest: mass = 0.05 m3 x 2.5 tonnes/m3 = 0.125 tonnes

Specification of hydraulic Jack?

travel jack hydraulic type with 50 metric tonnes capacity - specification

What is the shape and volume of plasma?

The Volume of Plasma actually depends on the amount of Plasma given to an object. That's because Plasma can't be usually measured. For example, a sunlight and electricity. They can't be very much measured but you can measure how much it came in a certain type of object. So, in the other hand, there is no shape to Plasma because a Plasma is always moving and it doesn't have a specific shape to it.

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