What type of physical therapy is used to treat paralysis?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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The physical therapist focuses on mobility. Physical therapy helps develop strategies to compensate for paralysis by using those muscles that still have normal function.

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Q: What type of physical therapy is used to treat paralysis?
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What type of mental illness is electroconvulsive therapy used to treat?

Electroconvulsive therapy-- This type of therapy is used to treat major depression and severe mental illness that does not respond to medications.

What type of physical therapy is used to treat Rett syndrome?

Physical therapy of patients with RS is focused on maintaining or improving the patient's balance and ability to walk; maintaining full range of motion whenever possible; and preventing the muscle contractures that lead to deformities in adult life.

What type of therapy is most commonly used to treat gender dysphoria?


What is a sentence for pold?

Pold is a type of physical therapy for spinal injuries.

What methods can be used when treating cerebral palsy?

The most common treatment methods for cerebral palsy are therapies. The type of therapy would depend on the degree of cerebral palsy, but most often include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy. It could also include music therapy, art therapy and educational services. If there are severe physical problems the child may need to see an orthopedic specialist and sometimes surgery is required to treat back and muscle problems.

What does menstruation have to do with physical therapy?

That depends on the type of therapy. Some types of therapy can be adversely influenced by hormonal changes. This can be a reason why menstruation becomes a factor.

What is dance therapy?

Dance therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses movement to further the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development of the individual

What type of education do I need in order to become a physical therapy assistant?

In most circumstances, probably not. Going to school for physical therapy would probably be one of the requirements for this kind of thing.

Can a physical therapy clinic charge for a missed appointment?

Yes, a physical therapy clinic can charge for a missed appointment if the policy was clearly stated. A doctor's office is also able to have this type of policy.

What type of clinics use a hydrocollator?

A hydrocollator is a liquid heat that is used mostly in physical therapy clinics. It stores hot pocks and such for patient use at the clinic. This will depend on the physical therapy a patient is receiving.

What is the effectiveness rate for occupational therapy for treating knee injuiries?

Physical therapy is used to restore the use of a joint after injury. How effective that is depends very much on the type of knee injury, the physical condition and determination of the patient. Occupational therapy can overlap physical therapy, but is more commonly used to restore the patient's ability to care for himself, return to work and restore normal activity.

What type of college provides education in phsical therapy?

State university colleges provide education in physical therapy. A few technical type colleges provide the same education, often at a reduced cost to students.